Randall Bickle

Randall Bickle


CEO & Medical Director
Olympia Medical LLC

About Randall Bickle

Dr. Randy Bickle is the CEO and medical director of Olympia Medical LLC and a family practice physician at St. Joe’s Medical Group, A board-certified physician in family practice and geriatrics, Bickle has been practicing medicine for more than 30 years.

In his current role at Olympia Medical LLC, Bickle provides management and contracting services for its 500+ physician members and focuses on managed care and risk-based contracts as well as a variety of population health initiatives. In addition, he continues to teach residents and students from medical schools and hospitals across Michigan. Bickle encourages all of his students to learn and understand not only the medical aspects of their jobs, but the social and leadership aspects of medicine which will allow them to grow and be physician leaders in the future.

In addition to his clinical and leadership roles, Bickle also sits on the Board of Together Health Network which is a physician-led network in Michigan uniting three major health systems, 40 hospitals and more than 8,000 providers. He continues to serve on many committees and leadership councils where he hopes to make a difference in physicians’ enjoyment of practice.