Our #1 goal is to maximize your potential as a physician leader.  We believe that when physicians exhibit consistent leadership skills, they’re able to transform their teams and organizations. That transformation benefits patient outcomes and improves health care.  

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Why Belong to AAPL?

Advance your career.  Enhance your organization.  Improve health care.

When physicians develop their leadership knowledge and management skills, health care delivery works best and the industry achieves better results.  Physicians in every career stage and specialty are being called on to lead and provide direction for the future of health care. Empower yourself to provide optimal care and position yourself for maximum versatility and ongoing success with AAPL membership. 

Value of Membership

The American Association for Physician Leadership is the oldest and largest professional association solely focused on developing and supporting physician leadership through lifelong learning, professional development, community and influence.

Build Your Leadership Skills

Sharpen your skills, knowledge and competencies to increase your professional value.  Our education programs help you build upon your skills as a physician leader and puts you ahead of your peers during every stage of your career. Discounted for members, our courses offer CME credit.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Differentiate yourself in the market by earning an advanced credential in physician leadership.  Our CPE and FAAPL programs are THE recognized credentials among physician leaders.

    • Certified Physician Executive - Let employers know that you’re not only an accomplished physician, but someone who also has the necessary leadership, management and communication skills required to do the job.
    • Fellowship – As recognized industry leaders, AAPL members have a unique opportunity to earn the coveted FAAPL credential. AAPL Fellows act as ambassadors to the physician leadership profession and raise the bar through consistent participation and service to the industry. 
    • Vanguard – The exclusive member-only Vanguard program for seasoned physician leaders with a thirst for knowledge and a mission to influence health care provides high-level programming with a focus on giving back through leadership, mentorship and sharing of best practices and knowledge.

Accelerate Your Career

In the ever-changing world of health care, it can be extremely complicated to understand how to best navigate the path to professional growth.  Our career services team is ready to help you with career coaching, leadership skills assessments, and wellness support. 

    • Career coaching and counseling, resume and cover letter writing, interview preparation, and other career services from experts who understand physicians and the marketplace.
    • Psychometric assessment tools designed to provide insight into your leadership competencies, styles and emotional intelligence, all of which are critical skills for success in physician leadership.
    • An extensive job bank targeting physician leadership opportunities.
    • While many factors contribute to burnout, physicians often cite poor leadership at the core. We offer physician wellness education, tools and resources to combat and prevent burnout. But, most importantly, we are here to create a social movement that fosters a culture of wellness.

Make Meaningful Connections

Having an established network is important to your career as a physician leader. We bring members together to exchange ideas, open doors to new opportunities, increase visibility and to help others. Whether you’re looking for solutions to your toughest on-the-job challenges, the contact that can help you advance your career, or a lifelong connection to like-minded colleagues, you’ll find it at AAPL.

Demonstrate Leadership Excellence

We provide members with volunteer opportunities to increase your leadership competencies and inspire others in your organizations, communities and across the realm of health care.

    • Gain prestige and recognition among your peers for your thought leadership by writing an article for the Physician Leadership Journal.
    • Lend your expertise by serving as a subject matter expert or in a focus group to help develop content for future leadership courses.
    • Expand your network and make a positive impact for future leaders by serving as a peer advisor or mentor.
    • Facilitate meaningful discussions on the hottest topics in physician leadership by serving as a Communities of Knowledge moderator.
    • Help set the strategic direction of the organization by serving on an advisory panel or as a board member.

Arm Yourself with Information

Our news and information resources are designed to keep you informed on the most important trends and news in health care leadership.

    • Stay on the forefront of trends in physician leadership with our peer reviewed, award-winning Physician Leadership Journal, delivered to our members six times a year.
    • Get the most important daily news specially curated from thousands of sources through the Daily Digest.
    • The news site and accompanying weekly e-newsletter features trending updates, featured stories, and the latest news you can use today.


Who Should Belong?

At some level, all physicians are leaders. They’re often revered by patients, venerated by non-clinical colleagues and highly respected by members of patient care teams – even when they’re not in formal leadership roles.  Any physician with an interest in honing their leadership potential is eligible for AAPL membership.

Membership Eligibility & Criteria

  • MD and DO physicians who have graduated from a medical school, in the U.S. or Canada, accredited by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME), or have graduated from an osteopathic college of medicine accredited by the American Osteopathic Association (AOA), or graduated from a recognized international equivalent school
  • Be engaged in administrative or leadership responsibilities in a health care organization or a healthcare-related capacity or be interested in medical management, services or programs;
  • Shall have held a full unrestricted medical license that was not revoked.

Membership Categories and Dues

Physician Leader – available for MD or DO physicians working in the United States. Receive 15% discount on courses.

1 year: $295

International – available for MD or DO physicians working outside the United States. Receive 15% discount on courses.

1 year: $225

Public Service or Military – available for individuals working within the public healthcare sector or active military. Receive 25% discount on courses.

1 year: $195

Rising Leader – available to MD or DO physicians in their 1st-5th year in full time practice as an attending physician. Receive 25% discount on courses.

1 year: $150

Student – available to students enrolled in medical school, resident in 1st – 4th year or fellows in 1st – 3rd year. Receive 50% discount on courses.

1 year: $50

Professional Affiliate – available to non-MD or DO clinicians, including DDS, DMD, PA, NP, and RN, with an interest in leadership. Receive 15% discount on courses.

1 year: $225

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