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American Association for Physician Leadership partners with Indiana University Kelley School of Business

Washington, D.C. March 15th, 2021The American Association for Physician Leadership (AAPL) is the only association solely focused on providing professional development, leadership education, and management training exclusively for physicians. The Kelley School of Business is the only top-ranked business school offering a rigorous MBA exclusively for physicians. Together, the two are committed to training physicians in the business of medicine and equipping physicians to better strategize the best course forward for their patients, their healthcare organizations and their clinical teams.

“It is more important now than ever for physicians to be the driving force behind change in our healthcare system,” said Peter Angood, MD, President and CEO of AAPL. “This partnership provides a pathway for AAPL physician leaders to combine the practical knowledge we offer through coursework and conferences with the Kelley School’s national reputation, in-depth expertise and world-class faculty through the graduate-level curriculum offered in the Physician MBA Program.”

“We are thrilled to partner with AAPL, an organization whose mission so closely aligns with our own,” said Idalene “Idie” Kesner, dean of the Kelley School of Business and the Frank P. Popoff Chair of Strategic Management. “As more physicians seek to advance their business training, this partnership elevates the importance of educating physician leaders in the language of business. When they can speak to the business of healthcare—as well as the science of medicine—our alumni are prepared to lead effective change for their organizations, their patients and the wider U.S. healthcare system.”

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Compassion, Respect, Equality and Justice for All

Washington, D.C. June 8, 2020The year 2020 began with unique challenges from a global pandemic and wide-spread economic strain. Our healthcare workforce has responded magnificently well despite these trials. Now, part-way through the year, we also face the opportunity of responding to, and learning from, events framed by ongoing social inequities in the United States of America.

In addition to the recent civil unrest emanating from the tragic death of George Floyd, we must better comprehend and address the statistic that African Americans, who constitute 13 percent of our population, have suffered more than half of COVID-19 cases and nearly 60 percent of its deaths nationwide; and Latinos, who constitute 18 percent of the population, account for nearly 30 percent of new COVID-19 cases.

Clearly, we require deeper levels of appreciation and subsequent action before we can truly understand all of the social determinants for health care in America.

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Healthcare Associations Join Together to Combat COVID-19

Washington, D.C. March 26, 2020Although everyone in our field endeavors to continue caring for patients, each other and the families in our communities, healthcare leaders in particular clearly recognize the unprecedented challenges we face in trying to carry out our responsibilities as effectively as possible.

To help support our country, we can think of no better time to further mobilize the full strength of our collective knowledge. To help healthcare professionals better manage the evolving nature of COVID-19, the associations listed here are collaborating closely to provide the healthcare field with our best resources available. We encourage the healthcare community to visit the websites listed and to use the available information free of charge. Our associations will update these resources as we learn more. By working together, we will all be better equipped to advance the nation’s health.

“Our associations thank members of the healthcare community for the services they and their organizations are providing. We recognize and appreciate how difficult this situation is and are committed to supporting them during the weeks and months to come.”

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AAPL is here for you - Announcing the launch of "Leadership in the Midst of Crisis" resource library

Washington, D.C. March 18, 2020 — We hope that you, your family, and the various teams at your organization are doing well during our current COVID-19 emergency. We appreciate these are trying times for you and wish you well as you lead or manage the situation. Our very best for the coming weeks.

Everyone in leadership recognizes the unique situation we face, here in our country and worldwide. As physicians, we also recognize our unique obligation to assist with leading the country through the next several months.

In this regard, we’ve created a new, tailored resource library of collated key articles, podcasts, webinars and other resources, specific to this evolving situation to assist you through this time at This is a free resource we encourage you to utilize and, to disseminate widely for others to use, as you see fit.

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Important Update on 2020 Spring Conference & Annual Meeting

Washington, D.C., — This is an important message on our planned AAPL Spring 2020 Conference & Annual Meeting scheduled for June in Chicago:

First and foremost, we hope you are all doing well. Recognizing the rapid evolution for this public health crisis, AAPL has continued to negotiate with our business partners regarding the June meeting so that we could make the most ethically proper and sound business decision. That said, based on those discussions, we are now able to announce that AAPL’s June meeting will definitively not occur but be postponed. We appreciate how many scheduled events are being postponed because attendees are needed at their hospitals or in their clinical practices.

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New Guide Decodes Value-Based Care Payment Models

Tampa, FL. December 16, 2019The American Association for Physician Leadership® (AAPL) announced today the debut of the book, “Value-Based Healthcare and Payment Models:  Including Frontline Strategies for 20 Clinical Subspecialties,” by Grace E. Terrell, MD, MMM, CPE, FACP, FACPE, and Julian D. (Bo) Bobbitt Jr., JD.

The book, available in print and convenient eBook formats, addresses an issue with which physician leaders are already familiar: All healthcare systems must soon move to value-based care. It’s not a matter of “if” but “when.” The problem is that most healthcare stakeholders lack the expertise to successfully affect the shift from pay-for-service to pay-for-performance models.

To better equip physician leaders, Terrell and Bobbitt, simultaneously visionary and practical, have culled and vetted key strategies from a large and disorganized body of sources to provide a cohesive, comprehensive guide that answers the question, “How can we make this succeed?” 

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American Association for Physician Leadership® Acquires Greenbranch Publishing

Washington, DC—The American Association for Physician Leadership® (AAPL), the premier organization for lifelong professional growth and support of physicians in health care leadership and management, announced today the acquisition of Greenbranch Publishing, based in Baltimore County, Md. Among the Greenbranch assets that AAPL will acquire as part of the acquisition include the publisher’s flagship publication, The Journal of Medical Practice Management®, eBooks, audio books, podcasts and 30 authors.

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New Online Resource Center Offers Tools in Support of the Collaborative Work of Healthcare Leaders

Washington, DC—The American Association for Physician Leadership (AAPL) and the American Hospital Association (AHA) today launched a collection of digital resources to spark collaboration within organizations and across the health care field, Leadership Evolve

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