Larry McEvoy

Lawrence R. McEvoy II

Epidemic Leadership
Memorial Health System

About Larry McEvoy

Larry McEvoy, MD, an emergency physician, CEO, and entrepreneur, Larry’s diverse perspective renders him an inspiring, design-oriented leader, strategist, advisor, facilitator, and speaker. He goes to work with the strong belief that physician knowledge of physiological systems is a unique substrate for 21st century leadership. His extensive track record of real-life strategic and operational results—and a unique facility with ecosystems, neuroscience, social intelligence, and human networks—helps physicians and executives understand and capacitate entire systems, small and large, to optimize performance, adaptation, and vitality. He has wide experience in shaping the challenges of our complex times into outstanding results, rapid learning, and energized professional cultures.

Larry’s mission is to deepen the vigor, resilience, and sustainability of leaders, the people they lead, and the organizations they create. Particularly focused on the shared work between executives, clinicians, and clinical leaders, Larry’s experience as both a CEO and a clinician underpins his practical approach to the acceleration of team and organizational function; the linkage between leadership evolution, stewardship ethic, and business value; and the activation of “positive epidemics” through the understanding and application of complexity principles, network science, and neuroscience.

His career has comprised the renewal of multiple environments of distrust, stress, and dispirited dynamics. Professionally trained and experienced in the pressure and duress of clinical and organizational challenges, he helps executives and leaders create agile and energizing frameworks for success in unstable and complex conditions, where leaders seek to create value via both stability and rapid reconfiguration amid the pressures of velocity and volatility. As one of his clients puts it, “I learn more from him in an hour than I do from anyone else in a year. His emotional intelligence is off the charts, and his strategic acumen is of the highest order.”

Larry is the founder of Epidemic Leadership, where he focuses on the executive work of creating organizations of exponential health and vigor. He serves as an Executive-in-Residence at the Center for Creative Leadership and as a Principal at Brenva Group. In addition to his work as faculty at AAPL, he is on the faculty The Governance Institute, and The Leadership Development Group, and has presented at the Conference Board, The Executive Development Roundtable, and the American Medical Group Association as well as at numerous health care and business organizations nationwide.

As a life-long horseman, outdoorsman, and biologist at heart, he can be found—or not—taking in the beauty of his mountainous homeland in remote parts of Colorado and his boyhood haunts in Montana.

Areas of Expertise

  • Executive leadership 
  • Regenerative Systems Design
  • Change Creation
  • Engagement and Resilience
  •  Quality
  • Physician Leadership
  • Strategic Innovation
Stanford University Medical School, 1992

Residency - Emergency Medicine
Hennepin County Medical Center

BA - English Writing
Caroll College


  • Fellow, American College of Emergency Physicians

  • Board-certified, American Board of Emergency Medicine