Jennifer Grebenschikoff

Jennifer R. Grebenschikoff

Independent Consultant

About Jennifer Grebenschikoff

Jennifer Grebenschikoff has been in health care management since 1972, and is now an independent consultant specializing in physician leadership and recruitment. She was a founder and the president of the Physician Executive Management Center (PEMC), the only firm nationwide that specialized exclusively in physician executive search. For more than 30 years, PEMC worked extensively with organizations to help them recruit senior medical leaders.

Before founding PEMC, Grebenschikoff held management and consulting responsibilities in three HMOs, a large multi-specialty medical group and a medium-sized community hospital.   Since establishing the Physician Executive Management Center in 1983, Grebenschikoff has become an expert on the role and recruitment of physician executives. Grebenschikoff is a frequent speaker and contributor to many of the industry's programs and publications. Her articles have appeared in the Physician Executive Journal (PEJ).

Grebenschikoff regularly teaches how to successfully recruit and retain the physicians who match an organization's mission, vision and values. She has regularly served as a panelist in discussions on recruiting, where she describes what client organizations want in a physician leadership candidate and how that candidate's success will be measured on the job.

Areas of Expertise

  • Leadership search and recruitment
  • Leadership compensation
  • Leadership consultation


BA - Sociology
Stockton State College


ACPE, honorary member, 2012