Harm Scherpbier

Harm Scherpbier


Health IT Analyst 

About Harm Scherpbier

Harm Scherpbier is a health IT analyst and physician leader at BanterHIT and a professor of health informatics & population health analytics at the Jefferson College of Public Health. Scherpbier also serves on the advisory board for Haystacks Informatics and VitalTrax. He has research interests in health informatics, clinical decision support, population health analytics, and healthcare business intelligence.

In the past, Scherpbier was the chief medical information officer at Main Line Health, an integrated health network near Philadelphia, PA. There, he oversaw the implementation of healthcare information systems and electronic patient records for physicians, nurses, and other clinicians throughout the five-hospital health system.

Prior to his tenure at Main Line Health, Scherpbier held software engineering and product design roles at Siemens Health Services, CareScience, Aetna US Healthcare, and SMS. Scherpbier was born and raised in the Netherlands and completed his medical training at the University of Groningen as well as his MS in medical informatics from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam.