Brooke Albright

Brooke Albright


Founder, Conscious Healthcare Consulting

About Brooke Albright

True to her ENTP temperament Brooke is intensely curious and passionate about exploring possibilities, especially when trying to solve complex problems in intricate and varied environments. While achieving a successful career in medical sales and corporate business development, she quickly learned the inner workings of the healthcare system. Eventually her unconscious passions began to emerge and she longed for a pursuit that was more meaningful. To that end, she pursued graduate studies in psychology while developing a unique approach to educating doctors and healthcare providers in a way that inspires authentic connection within themselves, improving health behaviors and clinical outcomes with their patients.

Brooke is the founder of Conscious Healthcare Consulting, LLC and lectures nationally and internationally on topics ranging from temperament theory and leadership development to patient communication, empathy and compassion.

Brooke has a Bachelor of Science in Health Science and Biology, a Master of Arts in Psychology and is a Doctoral Candidate in Depth Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute. An impassioned qualitative researcher, she has studied trauma and its impact on interpersonal and relational dynamics. Her research dissertation, Healing the Healers: A Depth Psychological Model for Tending the Unconscious Trauma of Physicians explores the experiences of trauma physicians endure during medical school and subsequent training and how this impacts the ability to connect to patients in emotionally available and empathic ways. In sum, Brooke is deeply moved by the stories and experiences of others and is reverently passionate about inspiring new ways to connect head and heart as she works to evolve her own.

Areas of Expertise

  • Healthcare Consulting
  • Organizational Psychology
  • Psychological Trauma, Stress & Healing
  • Personal Transformation
  • Communication


BS, Health Science & Biology

MA, Psychology

PhD Candidate, Depth Psychology
Pacifica Graduate Institute


Memoir Writing: Writing Down the Soul