New Online Courses: Preparation Can Ease Pain of Change

By AAPL Staff
November 5, 2018

Change is a constant in health care. Two new distance education courses, Embracing Change and Transition from Management to Leadership, can help leaders' ability to adapt. 

Imagine how you’d feel upon learning that a new administrator with a reputation for “shaking up the staff” is now running your organization. Conversely, suppose your success as a department head leads to an unsolicited CMO promotion, despite your lacking administrative experience and applicable education.

Both cases are the subjects of two new online educational courses — Embracing Change, and Transition from Management to Leadership — from the American Association for Physician Leadership.

Change is a constant in health care. Technology, care delivery and increased data demands keep physician leaders in a perpetual state of “what now?” and “what’s next?” Although resistance and fear might be instinctive responses, success often hinges on the ability to adapt to change.

Embracing Change assists in converting resistance to acceptance and training your mind to better manage workplace adjustments. It provides feasible strategies for encouraging and supporting adaptability and resilience with the help of anecdotal evidence to explore concerns and discover applicable solutions. Objectives include a commitment from leaders to own organizational change, build coping skills, and develop strategies to remain productive during times of transition. In short, it’s a course designed to change your attitude about change.

Transition from Management to Leadership addresses gaps in leadership acumen that often result from inadequate or nonexistent leadership training in medical school. The course explains the difference between management and leadership — managing work vs. leading, inspiring and motivating people. It assesses professional competency-based development; identifies and demonstrates leadership knowledge and skills, competencies and gaps; and assists in properly staging and timing a successful transition into leadership.

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