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We offer certifications and live and distance education for physician leaders of all types at every stage of their careers. Whether it is one of the programs like the Physicians in Management series, CMO Academy, Preparing for the CEO Role, Techniques of Financial Decision Making, or pursuing a CPE certification, you will find something to increase your confidence in your current role or prepare you for your next level of responsibility.

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Transform the way you deliver care in today's dynamic environment. Inspire your physician leaders to implement change in your organization with strategic, operational and financial solutions from LxSolutions. Establish a culture of physician engagement and integration to deliver top-notch care with maximum productivity. Our team of industry experts provides consulting solutions to hospitals, health systems, and other health care organizations seeking a competitive advantage through physician leadership.

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Want to Help a Stressed-Out Colleague? Here Are Some Suggestions

At a time when wellness is essential for physicians and other professionals, keep these seven ideas in mind when faced with an overwhelmed co-worker. Ask how you can help a stressed colleague.

Cutting Back on Garbage Brings Hospitals Millions in Savings

Organizations see monetary gains — and some environmental good — from recycling and reusing materials.  Hospital trash includes gloves, gowns, packaging, tubing and other single-use items such as

Conversions to Medical Homes Guided by New Financial Incentives

CPC+, a public-private payment structure supports private practices willing to make the change, but the transformation can still be challenging and costly. The way we think of a primary care practice


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