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From self-paced and facilitated online courses to live education, our catalog offers a wide array of courses and formats to fit your needs.

Self-paced online courses offer the flexibility to learn on your time anywhere, anytime. These courses motivate learners through content delivered by industry experts and real-world examples. Facilitated online courses encourage collaboration with classmates and offer the unique opportunity for learners to gain individual feedback from faculty members in an online environment. Live course offerings provide an opportunity for physicians looking to network and learn in-person.

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For physicians looking to take the next step on their leadership path, we also offer credentialing programs to support you in your journey. Since 1997, the Certified Physician Executive (CPE) credential has distinguished physicians as influential leaders in the field. The CPE designation endorses your ability to lead large groups, manage budgets, address HR challenges, and apply strategic business insights.

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For Organizations

The American Association for Physician Leadership can develop customized course programs for your organization. These courses will inspire your physicians to:

  • Transform the way they deliver care in today's dynamic environment
  • Inspire them to implement change in your organization with strategic, operational and financial leadership development
  • Establish a culture of physician engagement and integration to deliver top-notch care with maximum productivity

Our team of industry experts provides consulting solutions to hospitals, health systems, and other health care organizations seeking a competitive advantage through physician leadership.

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