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Peter B. Angood, MD, FRCS(C), FACS, MCCM, FAAPL(Hon)

Every other month, the HALM Journal will deliver indispensable and reliable results-oriented guidance for a healthcare industry moving toward inter-professional management and leadership that positively impacts patient care outcomes and population health.

Physician Leadership: More Valuable Than Ever —

A White Paper from the American Association for Physician Leadership

Environmental Influences

A Guide for Getting Stakeholder Buy-In for Your Agenda

Lisa Zigarmi, Julie Diamond, Lesli Mones

You may be an expert at running your business unit or leading your team. But do you know how to advance your agenda across an organization, particularly if you have an idea that will impact its strategic direction? This article offers four key domains you can focus on to ensure you’ve prepared an agenda-setting mission.

Action Orientation

Reflections on Leadership and Quality

O. Scott Lauter, MD, MBA, FACP, FHM

I firmly believe that the future of healthcare will be determined by whether or not clinicians step up to lead in all areas of healthcare leadership and collaborate with non-clinician leaders. We need their expertise and they need our expertise.

Health Law

Physician Beware: What to Know Before You Sign an Employment Contract

Timothy E. Paterick, MD, JD, MBA

The contractual issues addressed here are an important subset of a large litany of issues physicians may encounter. It’s important for physicians to know that all contracts aren’t equal, and that some components merit more attention than others.

SoundPractice Podcast

The Intersection of Hospitality and Healthcare with Peter C. Yesawich and Stowe Shoemaker

Peter C. Yesawich, PhD, Stowe Shoemaker, PhD

Peter C. Yesawich, PhD, and Stowe Shoemaker, PhD, are authors of the book, Hospitable Healthcare: Just What the Patient Ordered!, which explores how healthcare providers can learn from the hospitality industry to improve the patient experience. Shoemaker ...


How Managers Become Leaders

Michael D. Watkins

Few managerial transitions are more difficult than making the move from leading a function to leading an entire enterprise for the first time. The scope and complexity of the job increase dramatically, in ways that can leave executives feeling overwhelmed and uncertain. It truly is different at the top. But how, exactly? Career transition expert Michael Watkins set out to explore that question in an extensive series of interviews with leadership mentors, HR professionals, and newly minted unit heads.

Strategic Perspective

How Paternity Leave Helps Dads’ Brains Adapt to Parenting

Molly Dickens, PhD, Kate Mangino, PhD

According to the authors, a short-term time investment in spending engaged time with their new baby has the potential to pay a lifelong dividend in dad instincts. If we want to see greater gender equality, we need to not just focus on women’s participation in the professional world — we need to encourage more men to participate in the caregiving world.

New Book

Medicine is a Practice: The Rules for Healthcare Marketing

Neil Baum, MD

This book aims to assist physicians and medical practice administrators in creating a productive and profitable medical practice. The detailed discussions guide readers towards financially successful management practices while cultivating a patient-centered healthcare practice.


If Everybody Likes the Idea, It Is Too Late

Luis G. Pareras, MD, PhD

The essence of leading-edge investment lies in venturing into the unexplored, in embracing the uncertainty of the unknown.


Fast Thinkers Are More Charismatic

Nicole Torres

William von Hippel of the University of Queensland and a team of researchers recruited dozens of small groups of friends for a study. They gave participants intelligence and personality tests and then asked each subject to answer 30 common-knowledge questions as rapidly as possible.

People Management

The Doctor Can “See” You Now

Susan Fink Childs, FACMPE

We work very hard every day to give each patient the individual attention and care they need, and it takes just one negative experience to taint the visit. Each step toward self and group awareness helps each of us along the way and improves outcomes.

Payment Models

Geographic Trends for Medicare Reimbursement Rates in Pain Management Anesthesia from 2000 to 2022

Caleb Hawkes, MBA, Nathaniel Kimball, MBA, Nakita Ellis, BS, Carson Bateman, BS, Alexander Dorius, MBA, Cooper Phillips, MD

Over the past few decades, the reimbursement rates for Medicare have been decreasing steadily. Although some studies have previously evaluated trends in reimbursements in other fields, a comprehensive evaluation of geographic monetary reimbursement trends in pain management anesthesia has not yet been conducted.


The Influence of Music on Brain Health

Neil Baum, MD, M Cisneros, MS, PLPC

Music benefits patients’ physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs. The use of music therapy has been effective in various settings, including hospitals, schools, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers.

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