Physician Leaders – Submit a manuscript to the Physician Leadership Journal (PLJ)

By AAPL Staff
June 1, 2020

The Physician Leadership Journal is the premier source of insight and information on the business of medicine and the leadership knowledge at the level of the physician. We encourage you to submit a manuscript for review.


Need a good reason to share your expertise with other physician leaders in the Physician Leadership Journal?

Here are four. Submit a manuscript today.

  1. The PLJ is the official journal of the American Association for Physician Leadership, the world’s premier organization for physician leaders. Read by thousands of physician leaders throughout the world, your work can have global impact.
  2. The PLJ is recognized as the voice of physician leadership. For more than 45 years, AAPL has helped physicians develop their leadership skills through education, information and thought leadership. We publish articles that help us fulfill that mission.
  3. Your work published in the PLJ will have the ultimate seal of approval — the review and acceptance of an editorial board of physician leaders. Peer review distinguishes your work as valid and authoritative.
  4. Your work will do its part to help inspire change in healthcare. Sharing your experience with colleagues around the world allows all of us to work together in smarter, better ways. The educational power of storytelling is unquestioned.

ARTICLE TOPICS: Articles must address one of these 11 competencies to qualify for consideration/ peer review: 

  • Careers: The journey of a physician leader throughout his or her clinical and/or executive maturation.
  • Communication: Strategies to convey meaning from one entity or group to another.
  • Finance: Dealing with the operational aspect of budgeting and planning as a physician leader.
  • Health Care Organizations: The organizational role of the physician leader within health care systems.
  • Health Care Professionals: The role of the physician leader within clinical practice.
  • Health Law and Policy: Current or past policy issues or topics influencing physician leadership.
  • Innovation: The use of novel and creative methods to enhance the role or capabilities of leaders.
  • Leadership: Tactics to develop and/or enrich a leader’s ability to guide individuals and teams.
  • Management: Pertaining to the administration of any organization as a physician leader.
  • Patient Care and Quality: The scientific improvement of quality and patient safety for physician leaders.
  • Technology: Tools and technologies influencing leadership. 

Learn more about how you can make a difference as a physician leader. Our editorial team is here to guide you as you develop your article.  We enjoy working with both experienced authors and those leaders just starting their writing projects.  Let us help you.

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