New CPEs Recognized at AAPL Spring Summit

By AAPL Staff
May 9, 2019

The Certifying Commission in Medical Management awards the designation after the physicians complete required coursework and a 3½-day capstone event.

The American Association for Physician Leadership recognized physicians who recently earned the Certified Physician Executive designation on Saturday during its 2019 Spring Summit in Washington, D.C.

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Dr. Sephora Morrison, of Children's National Health System in Washington, D.C., receives congratulations from AAPL President and CEO Dr. Peter Angood. She earned her CPE from the November 2017 capstone. | Rachel Gillespie/AAPL

The Certifying Commission in Medical Management awarded the designation after the physicians completed required coursework and completed a 3½-day capstone event.

The most recent capstone, Feb. 21-24 in Tampa, Florida, produced 64 new CPEs.

CPEs from the past five capstones were hosted at the Summit's awards ceremony.

Before those attending were recognized, incoming commission chair John Jurica, MD, MPH, CPE, was introduced by AAPL President and CEO Peter Angood, MD, MD, FRCS(C), FACS, MCCM. Jurica, founder and medical director of PromptMed Urgent Care in Lake County, Illinois, earned his CPE in 2012. 

Physicians who earn a CPE can more easily transition from a clinical role to a health care leadership position.

The association marked the 20th anniversary of the credential’s first full “graduating class” in 2018.

Click here to learn more about the CPE program.

Here are the CPEs from the February 2019 capstone:

  • Bansal, Shalabh "Mickey", MD, MBA, FAAP
  • Bennetts, Geni, MD, MA
  • Bozung, Tracy, MD, MPH
  • Bruck, Lance, MD
  • Castellone, James, MD, MBA
  • Catania, Victor, MD, MBA
  • Coffman, Jennifer, MD
  • Collison, Craig, MD
  • Creach, Kimberly, MD
  • Dy, David, DO
  • Eisenstock, Kimberly, MD
  • Elliott, Trent, DO, MPH
  • Estrada, Christine, DO, MBA, MPH
  • Freeman, Kimberly, MD
  • Gear, Melissa, MD, MPH
  • Gilg Gachiani, Nicole, MD, MPH
  • Giullian, Jeffrey, MD
  • Godamunne, Karim, MD, MBA
  • Greenstein, Annette, MD
  • Haile, Zewdu, MD
  • Hardesty, Glenn, DO
  • Harvey, Charles, DO
  • Holmes, Robert, DO, MS, FIDSA
  • Jackson, Phyllis, MD
  • Jani, Ajaykumar, MD, MBA
  • Jenkins, Gregory, MD, FACP
  • Joseph, Julie, MD, MPH
  • King, Stuart, MD, MBA
  • Kitchen, Steven, MD, MS
  • Larson, Paul, MD, MS, MBA
  • Laslie, Winton, MD, MPH
  • Liesching, Timothy, MD
  • Lorenzo-Rivero, Shauna, MD
  • Makadia, Parin, MD, MBA
  • Malcharek, Paul, MD
  • Martus, Wesley, MD, MBA, FACEP
  • McAviney, Hattie, DO, MPH
  • McCleary, Marc, MD
  • Navel, David, MD, MPH
  • Neese, Lyndsey, MD
  • Nimmagadda, Krishna, MD
  • Nwachukwu, Chisom, MD
  • Oligschlaeger, David, DO
  • Parikh, Neil, MD, MPH
  • Pedersen, Rebecca, MD
  • Poole, Kenneth, MD, MBA, FACP
  • Rahmin, Michael, MD
  • Schaufele, Michael, MD
  • Schweizer, Heather, MD
  • Sciuto, Brooke, MD
  • Semeniuk, Ross, MD
  • Smith, John, MD
  • Sullivan, Anne, MD
  • Supe, Dana, MD, MBA
  • Thompson, Valerie, MD
  • Valentine, Nathan, MD
  • Vaughn, Lindsey, MD
  • Vigliotti, Donald, MD
  • Vora, Anup, MD, MBA
  • Wakabayashi, Mark, MD, MPH
  • Wangard, Christopher, MD
  • Wardono, Ira, MD
  • Weinstein, Jeffrey, MD
  • Wells, Allison, MD, MBA


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