AAPL’s Physician Leadership Summit Begins: Welcome to Boston

By AAPL Staff
April 26, 2018

Five full days of learning and networking are in store for those attending this expanded version of the association’s springtime gathering.

BOSTON, Mass. — It’s a rite of spring: the American Association for Physician Leadership’s annual assembly for its members and other health care professionals to learn, network and grow within the industry.

This year’s edition, convening today through Monday (April 26-30) at the Sheraton Boston Hotel, is a little different than those of the past. The new 2018 AAPL Physician Leadership Summit combines expert speakers, engaging panels, intriguing peer-led workshops and career-enhancing education into an expanded, five-day gathering. It includes the following components:

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What: American Association for Physician Leadership’s 2018 Physician Leadership Summit.

When: Thursday through Monday, April 26-30.

Where: Sheraton Boston Hotel, Massachusetts

Highlights: Spring Institute, celebration of CPE 20th anniversary, convocation to recognize seasoned CPE leaders, Beyond Burnout & Resilience workshop, Vanguard Program, peer presentations, Thought Leadership Symposium (discussions on opioids, physician engagement, women MDs and physician leader value proposition, global health accreditation, population health).

Information: 800-562-8088 or info.physicianleaders.org/summit

Online: news.physicianleaders.org

Twitter: @PhysiciansLead

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/physicianslead/

Facebook: facebook.com/PhysiciansLead/

Also, if sharing thoughts or experiences about the Summit, use the hashtag: #PhysiciansLead

Spring Institute. Educational sessions for leaders seeking opportunities for improvement and reflection. The three-day component (today through Saturday) is an opportunity to build leadership acumen, whether through professional improvement or refreshing an existing body of knowledge.

Beyond Burnout & Resilience. A one-day workshop (Friday) with wellness experts summarizing their approaches to personal, professional and organizational transformation. You’ll gain strategies and techniques you can use to address burnout, plus the tools to increase wellness within your organization.

Thought Leadership Symposium. Featuring keynote speakers, panel discussions and networking opportunities, as well as recognition of some association milestones and award winners. The Saturday-Sunday event presents ideas, concepts and conversations designed to energize and inspire.

Vanguard Program. AAPL’s seasoned physician leaders convene Sunday-Monday for high-level programming and networking that matches their sophisticated degree of experience in leadership, education, achievement and dedication to improving the industry. This event marks the return of exclusive, ongoing engagements for the association’s most experienced leaders.

Among the special events are a celebration marking the 20th anniversary of the first “graduating class” of Certified Physician Executives, announcements of the winners of the association’s Leape Ahead and Schenke awards, announcements of the new members and officers of the association’s board of directors, and more. We’ll tell you more about those events in the coming days.

We’ll have live coverage of every event at our blog (physicianleaders.org/spring18) and relevant stories daily on the Physician Leadership News website (news.physicianleaders.org). Be sure to follow our Twitter feed at @PhysiciansLead, and use the hashtag #PhysiciansLead on your social media posts from Boston.



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