AAPL Fall-Winter Virtual Launch Announcement

Given the continued and expanding impact of COVID-19, we hope you are doing well. AAPL is here to support you and remains dedicated to providing you with the tools to better manage your systems, the leadership skills needed to change them, and the community-provided confidence to believe you will.

Within this current era of difficulty in meeting health and safety requirements for putting on any form of live event of AAPL’s size, we have been designing, building and testing a unique virtual offering for both our traditional Fall Institute and Winter Academies. And definitely, these will not just be seven hours of live streaming on a one-off video conference call.

Our Virtual Live Meetings focus on high levels of interaction between you, your community of peers and the faculty.

  • Virtual concierge to assist you throughout the conference, letting you know what’s happening and when
  • Pre-work assignments helping you to get the most out of the faculty-led sessions that are a fast-paced combination of assignments, lectures and break-out discussions
  • Focus on connecting with peers and subject matter experts via networking sessions, people recommendations, video introductions and rich user profiles and full bios
  • Connect 1 on 1, or 1 to Many, with community and with faculty via audio, video and full threaded discussions that continue after the event has concluded

Immediate details for the 2020 Virtual Fall Institute will be launched on August 1, 2020 with details on 2021 Virtual Winter Academies to be launched later in the fall.

Thank you again for all you are doing as a physician leader – for yourself, your family, your patients and for your community. Be well and safe as best you are able.



Peter B. Angood
President & Chief Executive Officer


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