AAPL Fall Institute & Winter Academies Announcement


We hope you are doing well during this extended fight with COVID-19. It is impacting every aspect of your communities, practices and engagements. As you are supporting others, we are here to support you.

AAPL is dedicated to providing you what you need at this most trying time; giving you the tools to better manage your systems, the leadership skills needed to change it, and the community-provided confidence to believe you will.
While we offer a variety of online, facilitated and live education, we paused live events given the impracticality and your need to focus on your communities. And while we can’t predict how this will play out, we are officially launching our 2020 Fall Institute and 2021 Winter Academies this Friday, May 22nd. We understand some of you may not be comfortable with a Live Event setting while others value the networking, connection and real-time education experience. We also realize that as circumstances dictate, these events maybe live, a hybrid or virtual.

Immediate details for these two events are below:

  • 2020 Fall Institute, Oct 29 – Nov 1, 2020; Westin Kierland Resort, Scottsdale, AZ
  • 2021 Winter Academies, Jan 28 – Jan 31, 2021; Vinoy Resort, St. Petersburg, FL
  • Both events will be available effective Friday, May 22nd and will be released tied to our Memorial Sale with all programs 20% off. 

We appreciate all you are doing and wish you only the very best during these complex times.


Peter B. Angood,

President & Chief Executive Officer


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