22 AAPL Members on Becker's List of 'Physician Leaders to Know'

By AAPL Staff
October 3, 2017

Anthony Slonim, who oversees an editorial board for association publications, was among 112 presidents and CEOs recognized by the industry publication.  

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Anthony Slonim, MD, DrPH, is president and CEO of Nevada-based Renown Health. He has been a member of the American Association for Physician Leadership since 2002. | Renown Health

Anthony Slonim, MD, DrPH, editor-in-chief for the Physician Leadership Journal and Physician Leadership News, is among 22 members of the American Association for Physician Leadership named to Becker’s Hospital Review’s list of 112 physician leaders to know for 2017.

Becker's placed them among “physician leaders to know” in its Physician Leaders of Hospitals and Health Systems list. These presidents and CEOs hold medical degrees, giving them insight into the industry and their organizations.

Slonim, president and CEO of Nevada-based Renown Health, has been an association member since 2002 and previously served on its board of directors. He was named editor-in-chief in January 2017.

As editor-in-chief, he oversees an editorial board of certified physician executives that reviews submitted manuscripts and helps set the agenda for areas of coverage. The award-winning bimonthly Journal and recently launched news site offer case studies, original reporting, practical advice and thought leadership to physician executives. 

“Physician leadership is essential if we are going to successfully address the current and future challenges that we face as an industry, driving better health and health care for those that we serve,” Slonim says. “I am honored to be included among the esteemed group of physician leaders on this list.”

Other AAPL members on Becker's list of 112 physician leaders to know are:

  • Lawrence Antonucci
  • Amy Beiter
  • Richard Boehler
  • Michael Born
  • Patrick Cawley
  • Margot Hartmann
  • Larry Kaiser
  • Neeraj Kanwal
  • Alan Kaplan
  • Gary Kaplan
  • Donald Kearns
  • Mark Keroack
  • Michael McDermott
  • Redonda Miller
  • Lori Morgan
  • Janice Nevin
  • Kurt Newman
  • Ronald Paulus
  • Clint Purvance
  • Kenneth Sable
  • Anthony Slonim
  • David Williams

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