Webinar: A Personal Approach to Physician Wellness

By AAPL Staff
September 7, 2018

Physicians Dan Friedland and Susan Rehm offer ways to help doctors take care of the themselves while taking care of others.

A culture of personal wellness and self-care can be as important for physicians as the treatments they provide patients.

friedland rehms

Dan Friedland, MD, and Susan Rehm, MD, will be featured during the one-hour webinar, which was organized through a partnership between Cleveland Clinic and AAPL.

After all, it’s not healthy for the patient if he or she is the second-most stressed out person in the exam room.

“If you walk in with the best available interventions, but you, yourself, are burned out and stressed, you are going to amplify the stress that your patient feels, and that interaction will not be held in a healing environment,” says Dan Friedland, MD, an executive coach who helps organizational leaders and employees transform burnout into resiliency.

On Sept. 18, Friedland will take part in a free webinar with the goal of helping participants better understand stress, burnout and resilience, and offer techniques to take care of the self while taking care of others.

The one-hour webinar, “Personal Approach to Physician Wellness,” also features Susan Rehm, MD, executive director for physician health at the Cleveland Clinic. The event is part of a series organized through a partnership of Cleveland Clinic and the American Association for Physician Leadership.

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Friedland, who has led workshops on physician burnout and resilience at AAPL live events, uses a foundation of neuroscience and mindfulness to help others harness and leverage their stress.

“Health care providers deserve to experience meaning and significance and the joy that comes in connection with patients,” says Friedland, founder and CEO of SuperSmartHealth, which offers clients training to promote resilience. “And by the same token, patients deserve that presence from their health care providers where they can more fully connect with their providers and find a greater sense of healing in that environment.” 



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