Tweet Chat, Webinar Focus on Leaders and Their Emotional Intelligence

By AAPL Staff
August 16, 2017

Two physician development coaches will share their expertise on harnessing the power of emotions during social media sessions.

 eq webinar  cups-1.jpgTopics: expressing emotions as an act of strength and to help develop a reputation as an effective leader. | Oguz Baki

Most physicians have been taught to stifle emotion, and to lead with reason, intellect and a thick skin. A stoic approach, however, can deny them an important source of information and leave them vulnerable at inopportune times.

That’s the message from certified physician development coaches Deborah Munhoz, MS, PCC, and Helane Fronek, MD, FACP, FACPh. They say there are ways to harness emotions to lead with confidence, avoid burnout and improve patient outcomes.

tweet chat muhnoz fronek.jpgTuesday, they will discuss “secrets to becoming an emotionally intelligent leader” during a tweet chat hosted by#HCLDR, an online community for health care leaders. Next week, they will participate in a webinar hosted by the American Association for Physician Leadership.

The #HCLDR tweet chat is slated for 8:30 p.m. EDT Aug. 22 (Tuesday). To access via Twitter, use the hashtag #hcldr.

The AAPL webinar is scheduled for noon EDT Aug. 30 (Wednesday). To register, go to

Topics will include:

  • How have emotions helped or hindered you in your career?
  • When does expressing emotions seem like an act of strength rather than a weakness?
  • How can expressing emotions help form your reputation as an effective leader?
  • What are some tactics for expressing emotions in a constructive way that have worked successfully for you?

Both coaches work primarily with female physicians. Munhoz assists clients with developing leadership potential without burning out. Fronek focuses on helping clients “reconnect with themselves” to stave off chronic dissatisfaction and burnout, according to #HCLDR.

Topics: Leadership

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