News from Fall Institute 2019

By AAPL Staff
November 4, 2019

The American Association for Physician Leadership Fall Institute in Scottsdale, AZ is coming to a close.

News_Bookmart_ImageThe AAPL book mart is one of the exciting booths at the 2019 Fall Institute and is featured at each of the three institutes offered throughout the year. It was buzzing with activity as physician leaders and authors perused the books that represent the thought leadership for the association.  

Physicians benefited from practical courses, networking, and sharing ideas with colleagues. Some of the courses offered were:

  • Advanced Medical Staff Leadership
  • Professional Accountability
  • Authentic Leadership Development
  • Three Faces of Quality
  • Fundamentals of Physician Leadership
  • Optimizing Clinical & Business Outcomes
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Physician Wellness
  • Managing Physician Performance
  • Practical Principles of Change Management
  • Science of High Reliability
  • Project Management 

Courses are designed to address challenges that physician leaders face at work.  

Topics: Leadership

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