Left Out of Important Meetings? Here’s How to Get Invited

By Harvard Business Review
July 19, 2018

Physician leaders who want to stay in the loop but are omitted from significant discussions might consider using these three tactics.

When you’re not invited to a meeting, it’s easy to point the finger and blame others for overlooking you, but that typically won’t get you the invitation.

Ultimately, the responsibility is yours to prove why you should be in the room. To secure a seat at the table, tailor your tactic to the situation.

Here are some tips:

Your boss goes to all the meetings and leaves you out? Set aside time to talk with him or her about your goals, directly stating your interest in attending specific meetings, and ask what you can do to demonstrate your value. Ask your boss if there are projects you can work on that would help you be included in those meetings.

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You have a peer who is intentionally excluding you? Set up a time to have a conversation with your colleague about the pattern you’re observing. When you explain why you should be in those meetings, focus on the business reasons, not your personal int

You aren’t on the organizer’s radar screen? Start by asking yourself whether you are spending enough time developing strong relationships with your co-workers. Getting to know your colleagues increases the chances that they’ll be more aware of your value. If there’s a specific meeting you’re targeting, make clear to your manager that you’re interested in joining and make yourself useful.

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