Lazarus Mines Top Goals from ‘Most Influential’ List

By AAPL Staff
September 9, 2019

Modern Healthcare recently published its list of the 50 most influential clinical executives of 2019The program honors physician and nurse leaders who are deemed by their peers and an expert panel to be the most influential clinicians in terms of demonstrating leadership and impact. The majority work in large health care systems and health insurance companies. 

Arthur Lazarus

Arthur Lazarus

Perhaps the most impressive observation about the current list of individuals, according to Arthur Lazarus, MD, MBA, CPE, FAAPL, a member of the Physician Leadership Journal editorial board, is not only what they have accomplished, but also what they propose to accomplish in the short term.

Lazarus, an AAPL member since 1994, says he carefully read the vignettes of all 50 honorees and distilled the goals most commonly shared by these clinical executives. In no particular order, the top 10 goals are:

  1. Prioritize social determinants of health
  2. Utilize genomics to advance personalized medicine 
  3. Address mental illness, addiction and the opioid crisis
  4. Strive for a wider application of telehealth medicine; envision “health care with no address”
  5. Use artificial intelligence to improve operations and care delivery
  6. Revamp medical education, ensuring that students are immersed in clinical training from the beginning of medical school
  7. Assist providers in adopting population health initiatives under value-based reimbursement methodologies
  8. Apply modeling and predictive analytics to identify and treat high-risk/high-cost patients
  9. Improve the work-life balance of clinicians; address burnout and assist clinicians involved in medical error
  10. Focus on patient care improvement initiatives:

(a) Improve care for patients with chronic diseases

(b) Help vulnerable populations gain access to care 

(c) Improve transitions of care 

(d) Improve electronic data exchange

(e) Integrate mental health services across other disciplines

(f) Address health disparities and work toward optimal health for all

You can read Lazarus’ entire story on Doximity.

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