Here's How Leaders Can Fit Self-Care Into the Workday

By Harvard Business Review
August 24, 2017

Success shouldn’t come at the expense of your health. But what exactly is self-care, and how do you do it?

Many leaders are incorporating self-care into their work lives so that their success doesn’t come at the expense of their health and well-being.

So what exactly is self-care, and how do you do it? At the heart of self-care is your relationship and connection to self. Below are six ways you can weave self-care into the course of your workday.

CUT YOURSELF A BREAK: We can often be our own harshest critics. In these moments, ask yourself, “What would I say to a colleague or friend in the same situation?”

VALUE YOUR TIME, MONEY AND RESOURCES: Set aside 15 minutes each morning to jot down the three things you hope to accomplish that day. Then, as requests come in, consider each task’s impact on your priorities before automatically saying yes.

TAKE A VICTORY LAP: After you’ve gotten through a tough period, hit the pause button and look back at the previous month or quarter. Write down what went well or felt particularly satisfying. This can help you and your team stay connected to your passions.

SURROUND YOURSELF WITH GOOD PEOPLE: Healthy and supportive relationships are a critical part of self-care. Take notice of who feeds your energy and who drains it. Set more boundaries with the drainers. Invest in those who inspire you.

UPDATE YOUR WORKSPACE: Gain mental clarity by cleaning up your workspace. Put up pictures, artwork or images that inspire you or remind you of the people and things that matter.

RECHARGE AND REBOOT: It’s important to try to refill your gas tank during the week, so designate a Wednesday or Thursday night to get in some extra sleep.

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