Got Data Overload? Register for AAPL Informatics Medical Academy

By Andy Smith | AAPL
November 7, 2018

Make health care analytics your friend through this 2½-day series of interactive discussions and pragmatic exercises during the association’s Winter Institute in Florida.

When it comes to health care data and analytics, is there such a thing as too much information? It can certainly feel that way if it’s not properly harnessed and implemented. At its core, data is just as vital to the success of today’s technologically integrated health care systems as it is potentially confounding.

So what’s the best way for physician leaders to streamline that data — to convert it from an endless onslaught of information into an easily accessible and applied asset for improving patient care and safety, and supporting operations in the evolution of precision medicine and population health?


When: Jan. 23-27, 2019

Where: Vinoy Renaissance Resort & Golf Club, St. Petersburg, Florida

Hotel info: Call (727) 894-1000 or visit the hotel website.

Register: Go online to Association members receive a 15 percent discount on live events and courses.

That’s the subject of the Informatics Medical Academy, a 2½-day series of interactive discussions and pragmatic exercises at the American Association for Physician Leadership’s Winter Institute in St. Petersburg, Florida, Jan. 25-27.

In addition to improving patient care, the value of the academy is the path it paves for building, organizing and empowering a team of provider informaticians to serve as liaisons between clinicians and information technology, and to lead informatics innovations.

The academy teaches physician leaders how to analyze and incorporate clinical and nonclinical sources for day-to-day patient care and operational activities. And with technology in perpetual evolution, the course explains how to lead multidisciplinary teams of health care and technical professionals to manage the inevitable disruption that comes with innovation and informatics-driven change.

Other expert, faculty-led academy offerings at Winter Institute:

Leadership Journey Kickoff (Jan. 24-26): The first and most important step of a physician’s transformation from contributor to leader. Gain insights that can be used immediately — negotiating higher salaries, the art of asking questions, delivering feedback to underperforming team members — to create a custom leadership plan, and leave with full access to AAPL’s Fundamentals of Physician Leadership distance education courses.

CMO Academy (Jan. 24-26): For new and experienced CMOs who want to hone critical health care management and leadership skills. It provides strategies for making sensible financial decisions, improving organizational culture and behavior, inspiring teamwork, navigating ethical dilemmas, reducing medical errors and aligning workforce goals with those of the organization. This faculty-led academy serves as a stepping stone for success in today’s outcome-driven, patient-care landscape.

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Medical Population Health (Jan. 24): Explores how population health is being applied in the transition toward a value-based marketplace. Live webinars and face-to-face education are designed for physicians who want data that leads to actionable change in their work and for those in all types of practices who believe in a “no outcome, no income” future for health care. 

HFMA/AAPL Health Care Finance (Jan. 25-26): Provides physician leaders with practical advice for managing financial resources, creating financial strategies, reducing costs, planning an organization’s financial future, leveraging financial statements as analysis tools, and fluently speaking the language of finance.

Quality Improvement (Jan. 25-27): For physician leaders striving to strengthen the culture, safety, communication and quality of their organizations. Interactive discussions, hands-on exercises and action planning used to achieve objectives that include aligning expectations, promoting accountability and learning and forecasting returns on all quality improvement initiatives.

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