Congratulations November 2020 Capstone Cohort

By AAPL Staff
December 13, 2020

It is our pleasure to bestow the credential of Certified Physician Executive (CPE) through the Certifying Commission in Medical Management (CCMM), for the November 2020 Capstone cohort.


We would like to congratulate and now welcome the following physicians to the prestigious list of CPE alumni. Their commitment and dedication to leadership through management and influence has been recognized by the Capstone Cohort Leaders, CCMM Credentials Committee, and CCMM Board.


Congratulations to…

Aaron Kalin, DO, MBA, D.ABA

Anthony Waldroup, MD, MPH

Arun Raman, MD, MBA

Basel Ramlawi, MD, MMS, FACC, FACS

Bhavin Sonani, MD, MsPH

Brenton Meier, MD

Catherine Wood, MD

Charles Haigh, MD

Christopher Ward, MD, FACEP

Craig Wittenberg, MD

Dale Ray, MD, MMM

David Lucas, MD, MBA

David Nelson, MD

Deidre Pierce, MD, MHA, FACP

Eileen Singer, DO

Eric Chumbley, MD, MS, FAAFP

Eric Hodgson, MD

Erik Johnson, MD

Gil Holland, MD

Janine Keever, MD, FACOG

Jeff Reinhardt, MD

Jill Schenk, MD

Jimmy Saade, MD, FACEP

John Keogh, MD

Jose Diaz, MD

Joseph Landolfi, DO

Karen Jerome, MD

Kyle Hoedebecke, MD, MBA, MS, MTE, FAAFP

Lisa Corbett, MD

M. Rhonda Sneeringer, MD

Maxwell Boakye, MD, MPH, MBA

Melissa Dooley, MD

Michael Johnson, MD, MBA

Paul McLoone, MD

Ravindhra Elluru, MD, PHD, MMM

Sarah Sartain, MD

Seanna Thompson, MD, MBA, MS, FACOG, Dipl. of ABOM

Seger Morris, DO, MBA

Sherief El-Mallah, MD

Shiv Kalan, MD, FACP

Sriram Vissa, MD

Stephen Petrany, MD

Thomas Roben, DO

Timi Olutade, MD

Travis Russell, MD, MBA, MHA

Ujjwal Ramtekkar, MD, MBA, MPE

W. Allen Fink, DO, MHA, FACEP

Walter Wynkoop, MD

Zaiga Sears, DO


Again, on behalf of the entire American Association for Physician Leadership organization, we congratulate these physician leaders on their incredible achievement.




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