Beyond Burnout & Resilience Workshop Offers Tools to Address Physician Burnout

By AAPL Staff
October 2, 2017

The program, slated for Nov. 3-5 in Arizona, includes follow-up sessions as well as a support community for participants. Registration is ongoing.  

Beyond Burnout & Resilience, a wellness workshop from the American Association for Physician Leadership, offers physician leaders a chance to reflect on personal well-being through physician-led activities and programs.The workshop, scheduled for Nov. 3-5 in Scottsdale, Arizona, will offer techniques designed to help physician leaders navigate increasingly complex health care systems while empowering and energizing them to inspire change and transformation within the industry at multiple levels.

“The need for increased attention on dwindling health care workforce morale and professional satisfaction is more pressing than ever,” said Peter Angood, MD, president and CEO of the association. “Awareness of its incidence and prevalence is expanding, and each of us must decide how important it is individually. As many of our peers struggle, it’s our duty to respond and assist — and this includes using our association’s resources.”

To truly prevent burnout, says Angood, there needs to be a combination of organizational and systems change paired with awareness-building and education for the individual.

After the program, there will be follow-up sessions for participants after one, three, six and 12 months with peers and association career coaches. Support forums, career coaching, guidance and mentorship are also part of the program.

“The differentiating aspect of the program is maintenance of a new-found mindset as the physicians return to their day-to-day activities,” said Dian Ginsberg, director of career services for the association. “It can be jarring to make the transition after focusing on creating personal and professional change.”

 The faculty is scheduled to include:

 Don Kennedy, DO, MBA, PhD, CPE. Kennedy, who has 30 years of practice in family and geriatric medicine, is the only physician in the country practicing motivational medicine. His latest book, The Surfer’s Journey, is a researched-based fable using his love for surfing and the ocean to motivate and develop socially conscious leaders.

Wiley W. Souba, MD, MBA, ScD. Souba has been recognized for his approaches to developing leaders, and his work has been funded by the National Institute of Health for two decades.   He lectures regularly, conducts workshops and has published extensively on leadership challenges, personal and organizational transformation, barriers to effective leadership, and the language of leadership.

Dan Diamond, MD.  A family physician and award-winning educator, Diamond delivers practical information on personal transformation. He recently authored a book, Beyond Resilience: Trench-Tested Tools to Thrive Under Pressure.

Daniel Friedland, MD. As founder and CEO of SuperSmartHealth, Friedland helps people harness and leverage stress so they can resolve conflicts, collaborate, get more done, continually innovate and find greater success and significance at work and at home. He authored the first medical textbook published in the U.S. on evidence based medicine that became standard of care for practitioners.

Beyond Burnout & Resilience will take place at the Westin Kierland Hotel in Scottsdale. For details, go to

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