Academy Links ‘Quality’ to Patient Care, Physician Wellness

By AAPL Staff
January 14, 2020

Left unaddressed, physician burnout can significantly diminish the quality of patient care. So much so that, in fact, that it adversely affects not only patient outcomes but the stress level of physicians.

More burnout leads to lower quality leads to poorer outcomes leads to more burnout.

It’s a vicious cycle, for sure, but one that can be reversed with effective solutions and strategies for reclaiming quality patient care by achieving physician wellness.

Those solutions and strategies will be on full display at The American Association for Physician Leadership’s Winter Wellness Academy on Jan. 31 through Feb. 2. This is part of AAPL’s larger four-day Winter Academies that begins Jan. 30 at the Vinoy Renaissance Resort and Golf Club in St. Petersburg, Florida.

The prevention of burnout among physicians and the organizations where they work has long been the focus of previous AAPL Wellness programs – and remains so at this year’s Winter Wellness Academy, but with additional curriculum emphasizing quality.

Dan Friedland, MD, and Dan Diamond, MD, will begin the academy by exploring ways to enhance the personal and professional wellness of individual physicians and their organizations before Bruce Spurlock, MD, a national leader in quality and patient safety, takes a broader view that incorporates the quality component into the takeaways of the other two. 

“As physician leaders, the link between making care better and strengthening patient and clinician wellness is inextricable,” says Spurlock. “This course will highlight simple-to-deploy Quality Improvement methods and promote ‘discovery’ of observable improvement as a crucial component in accelerating the adoption of new practices, faster spread of effective techniques and connection with the core purpose of what it means to be a healer.”

And what it means to be a leader, by learning and returning with skills, steps and strategies that can be implemented as an effective and actionable blueprint for your organization. For easy registration, visit your AAPL dashboard.

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