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Team Building and Teamwork

May/June 2024

Studies have demonstrated that reducing the drivers of burnout does not enhance engagement, but that improving employee engagement does reduce burnout. To refocus the discussion toward improving engagement, this article reviews engagement through a t...

March 12, 2024

One of the most challenging aspects of a virtual meeting is keeping people’s attention. It’s important to be thoughtful about how you engage attendees. The key is to sustain a continual expectation of meaningful involvement so participants don’t retr...

November 13, 2023

The future of work will not be determined by technology, but by creating the right mix of education, exposure, and experience needed to develop skills and put them to work, creating a vastly more productive workplace and economy.

November 8, 2023

Managers have tried various strategies and perks to boost employee engagement—all with little impact on long-term retention and performance. But now, neuroscience offers some answers. Through his research on the brain chemical oxytocin—shown to facil...

After several years of assessing and monitoring faculty burnout, engagement, work-life balance, and leadership performance, a physician-leader of a clinical division, decided to assess and monitor burnout. He coined the term “Humanistic Bundle” to de...

Physician leadership belongs to us all. Let’s not waste the opportunity to collaborate more closely for the change warranted in an industry that is so deeply personal for everyone. We, our patients, and our families will all benefit from these effort...

August 13, 2023

Sponsorship is a vital mechanism for advancing the careers of junior employees. But it’s not just a one-way relationship in which everything flows from the sponsor to the sponsee. What sponsees bring to the relationship, in fact, is just as important...

June 22, 2023

In trying to “protect” their teams, many managers become what the authors refer to as “umbrella managers”: well-intentioned leaders who want to protect their teams from all inclement organizational weather. But this type of leadership comes with a he...

June 15, 2023

Too often team meetings feel draining. But what if they accelerated the progress they often stifle? Managers can take a page from the startup world, where “mastermind meetings” are all the rage. Entrepreneurs routinely sign five-figure checks for the...

In this conversation with SoundPractice co-host Cheryl Toth, Thomas Zoch, MD, Vice President of Care Management-Clinical at Ascension Wisconsin talks about his leadership philosophy and the use of morning huddles to engage physicians and staff from a...

In this article, we discuss the personal traits and key behaviors that physician leaders must adopt to be effective in team-based management models.

This final installment of the four-part series addresses how leaders can overcome risk aversion and fiscal austerity to advance a business case for improving quality.

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