Upcoming Wellness Event: 2018 Summer Academy in Chicago – July 21-22

This two-day intensive workshop is designed to provide important personal and organizational insight into the issue of physician burnout.

Day One: Dr. Friedland will focus on personal wellness development using evidence-based practices, classroom exercises, and meaningful discussions to conduct self-reflection and learn techniques for recognizing and addressing personal burnout.

Day Two: participants will learn to identify various types of organizational cultures. Then, Dr. Diamond will lead the group through a series of exercises and activities intended to facilitate professional growth and support you in moving your organization towards a culture of wellness.

Learn more about the 2018 Physician Wellness Academy.

Dr-Chip-Souba-200x200.jpg Wiley W. Souba, MD, MBA, ScD Having served as Vice-President for Health Affairs and Dean of Medicine at two Universities, Souba is amongst the most cutting-edge scholars on new ways of thinking about leadership, professionalism, wellness, and organizational well-being. He innovative work on these topics has been published extensively in peer-reviewed academic journals. 
Daniel-Friedland-500x500-414042-edited.jpg Daniel Friedland, MD As Founder & CEO of SuperSmartHealth and the Chair of the largest integrative health organization in the country, Daniel helps people harness and leverage stress to become a motivating energy source so that they can resolve conflicts, collaborate, accomplish more, continually innovate, and find greater success and significance at work and at home. He is the author of the first medical textbook published in the United States on Evidence Based Medicine – now the standard of care for all healthcare practitioners. He recently published, Leading Well From Within, Conscious Leadership and Transforming Burnout into Resilience an evidence-based book with a foundation in neuroscience and mindfulness practice.

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Previous Wellness Initiatives

A Solutions-based Approach to Enduring Personal, Professional and Organizational Transformation.

Our 2-½ day physician-led workshop brought physicians in all phases of their careers together and helped them to find balance, wellbeing, and synergy by increasing their self-awareness, professional awareness, and clarity surrounding the complexity of the organizations in which they work and health care in general. 

Post-workshop Reflections.

  • Compassion is a core value of most individuals. As a human being, do you believe your own personal level of compassion is as available to others as you ideally prefer? Please reflect for yourself on why and what more could be achieved.

  • Physicians are trained to the highest level of all health care disciplines and carry significant respect from others. Do you believe the routine of practicing as a physician providing your best patient care is allowing you to remain as hopeful as you ideally prefer? Please reflect for yourself on why and what more could be achieved.

  • Health care is an inherently complex industry and physicians are often responsible for attempting to create improvements and change in their work environments. Do you believe your level of influence to create improvement changes in your organization is being leveraged to the optimal level you ideally prefer? Please reflect for yourself on why and what more could be achieved.

  • At some level, all physicians are considered leaders. Are you hopeful that your passion for health care, and your compassion for people, can be invigorated further during the remainder of your career time; and that you will be able to further create the change needed to improve the environment in which you lead as a physician? Please reflect for yourself on why and what more could be achieved.


From Dr. Peter Angood:

Thanks to everyone who participated in the inaugural “Beyond Burnout and Resilience” symposium in Phoenix. By all measures, this was a successful event for participants, faculty and staff. I genuinely appreciate the efforts and sharing that occurred over the weekend. 

It was, on a personal level, one of the more significant initiatives to participate with; and to witness the level of engagement by everyone involved. Each person contributed to the symposium’s success in their own special way and everyone should feel comfortable with the quality of their contribution – it all meshed together terrifically well.

Yes, this was the inaugural face-to-face event, but there is more to engage with during the coming weeks and months. As you now know, we are in the process of establishing an essential social movement within health care. And so, your own ongoing involvement will become even more

significant as we move forward in establishing momentum with this new community.

The online community is being ramped up further with this initial follow-up message and summation. Plans are already coming into place for further development of the online framework that will facilitate our abilities to stay connected as we grow involvement of others with this initiative. But we need your inputs and suggestions as well, so please do not hesitate to provide ideas to make it even better.

There will be online events and activity in the coming months and a second cohort of participants will participate in the next face-to-face event in April at the AAPL Annual Meeting. Some of you have already volunteered to engage at another face-to-face event and to also become mentors or faculty as we move forward. We shall certainly find ways to engage anyone to the level they wish to participate. There is more

than enough to be done as we all know…thanks in advance for your expressing an interest.

The energy, openness, and sharing witnessed last weekend was extremely special for everyone. Thank you again for placing your trust in our efforts and in our faculty.  We all look forward to learning and engaging together with you in the near future once more.

My best to you in your ongoing efforts to improve your approach in health care as you now also seek ways to improve the environment for others you are able to influence – especially your patients and their families. I look forward to learning of your successes!

All the best – Peter.

Peter Angood MD - President & CEO
American Association
for Physician Leadership

It was, on a personal level, one of the more significant initiatives to participate with; and to witness the level of engagement by everyone involved.

Peter Angood MD - President & CEO

The interaction with both presenters and participants was amazing - I feel I truly connected with others and have a new network of friends and colleagues.

Amy Anton, Attendee

This was by far the best Association conference that I have ever attended. I loved being part of social change where we transform healthcare by first transforming ourselves.

Patricia Iris, Attendee

This course was an opportunity for reflection, recharging, inspiration, hope and renewal. Looking forward to ongoing connections this year and can see myself attending this seminar again.

Mamata Majmundar, Attendee


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