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What is Leadership?
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Effective leadership is developed by honing specific skills and behaviors. Our educational content provides accredited CME credit along a continuum of courses that lead physicians to explore the tactics and strategies to strengthen organizational values, streamline departmental processes, improve team performance, and lead toward a self-fulfilling and effective career in health care.

Phase 1


Lead Yourself

Leadership starts with honest self-awareness. Think about these questions – what are your values, and more important, why are they significant to you?

Phase 2


Lead Your Team

Once you’ve analyzed and built your personal values, you’re ready to effectively lead others. But to inspire your peers, you need to build relationships – understand the environment in which they operate, and the things that are most important to them.

Phase 3


Lead Your Department

When you effectively connect with those around you, you can begin to shape the culture, values, and direction of an organization. Relying on the experience and acumen you’ve gained from others, you lead them to a new identity and way of thinking.

Phase 4


Lead Your Organization

Once your organization and those within it are aligned, they start to generate new ideas and interesting lines of thought. You can leverage these insights and develop strategies that can change the industry and influence the world.



Certified Physician Executive (CPE)

Endorsed by the American Association for Physician Leadership, the CPE is awarded by the Certifying Commission in Medical Management and is the Benchmark for CEOs and executive recruiters seeking accomplished, experienced and influential physician leaders.

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