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Every other month, the HALM Journal will deliver indispensable and reliable results-oriented guidance for a healthcare industry moving toward inter-professional management and leadership that positively impacts patient care outcomes and population ...

January/February 2024

The contractual issues addressed here are an important subset of a large litany of issues physicians may encounter. It’s important for physicians to know that all contracts aren’t equal, and that some components merit more attention than others.

January/February 2024

This year is an election year, and the results of elections can help frame the context for our personal and professional lives. Physicians and physician leaders are themselves an important segment of the population and by virtue of their work, are ad...

January/February 2024

Graduate medical education provides significant value to institutions, and it is worth examining in detail the manners in which this occurs. The better we outline its added value in hospital systems, the better we can adjust the strategic plan of our...

Postoperative pulmonary emboli and deep venous thrombosis are significant causes of morbidity and mortality and the focus of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Patient Safety Indicator 12 (PSI-12). Early identification of patients at mode...

These eight principles can serve as guideposts for medical practice professionals fostering trust with patients and encouraging patients to have an active involvement in their care.

January/February 2024

Physician advisory positions are increasingly attractive for clinicians who aspire to leadership careers.

The rising trend of corporations acquiring smaller practices in the healthcare field has complex implications for patients, communities, and the healthcare system as a whole.

December 10, 2023

The Restrictive Covenant in your contract is preventing you from joining a great practice option locally. Ignoring the restrictive covenant is considered a breach of contract. What are the potential outcomes of a claim for breach of contract?

Successful practices are placing an emphasis on enhancing efficiency and being able to see more patients in the same period while preserving patient satisfaction and preventing physician burnout.

In this study, we describe the multidisciplinary method implemented by a single hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic to reduce the rate of HF readmissions.

Medical credentialing, which once was straightforward and routine, has become an important and complex task in the healthcare industry.

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