The Vanguard Program

The Vanguard Program

The Vanguard Program represents highly experienced, senior leaders of the association's most-seasoned leaders.

Vanguard Program

Our seasoned leaders task force is excited to reintroduce the Vanguard Program to bring together senior executives and impassioned, experienced, CPE credentialed leaders.

The Vanguard recently returned from Boston following the Physician Leadership Summit including our Spring Institute and Annual Meeting (Symposium). To read more about the live event programming, see the news articles below. Be sure to stay tuned for more senior-level programming.

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Program Eligibility

Vanguard members are either fellows or distinguished fellows who have attained the Certified Physician Executive (CPE) designation or other advanced medical management degrees. They have demonstrated a commitment to physician leadership through membership, tenure and experience with the American Association for Physician Leadership and the health care industry. The Vanguard Program provides high-level programming and networking to match a physician's high degree of experience in leadership, education, achievement and dedication to improving the industry through physician leadership.

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How do I participate in the Vanguard Program?

Start by earning your certification in medical management by receiving your CPE credential. This certification is awarded based on your stature as a physician, educational achievements, medical management experience and completion of a multiday, skill-building capstone event administered by the Certifying Commission in Medical Management. This also is the way to become a fellow of the association.  

The Council of Fellows bestows this honor on physician leaders who are long-standing association members, have earned a CPE, and have demonstrated knowledge and experience, including attainment of regional or national stature. 

Additionally, you can seek an advanced degree through the association’s graduate degree program or through the curriculum offered at recognized colleges and universities.


What does the Vanguard Program entail?


Custom education and networking opportunities are available at the association’s live events. These are invitation-only events where physician participants can network with other top physician leaders and address current trends and challenges in the health care marketplace. 


Vanguard members serve on review panels, analyze and abstract topical discussions, write articles for the association’s publications, and represent it at events with the media. Comprising the upper echelon of medical leaders, their counsel is sought by the association's board of directors and they help guide its future.

Private Community

A private online network is available for Vanguard members to share and discuss current medical management issues.

Career Advancement

The latest career-advancement opportunities are made available to vanguard members, as are coaching for writing and presentations, and preparation to become full-time or part-time consultants. 

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