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Tweets, Likes, and Liabilities: Online and Electronic Risk to the Healthcare Professional


Electronic medical records, websites, cellphones, email, and social media have created tricky new legal problems for healthcare practices. The digital world, namely social media, offers healthcare practices a vehicle to attract patients and potential employees but also presents risk to healthcare providers. This book will give practices the knowledge and tools to reduce liabilities and provide a “roadmap” to that world.

Although physicians, practice managers, administrators, and risk managers of practices and health systems know these issues are important, there is a dizzying array of issues (and interpretation) on the Web. Staff member have difficulty in identifying areas of potential risk, lack of a strategy to address electronic risks, and lack of tools to address electronic risks.

This essential book will give you peace of mind by flagging areas of risk – and then provide guidance and templates to address the risk.

Find out what’s important, and what’s not, in this easy-to-use guide. Selected topics include:

  • No more guessing: a Social Media Policy for Your Employees

  • Reviewing the social media profiles of employment candidates? We'll give you state by state guidelines.

  • Train Your Employees on Cyber Security Basics

  • Don't Let Your Website Turn Into a Law Suit

  • The only Mobile Device Policy you'll need

  • How you can be hacked through your website, “Contact Us” feature.

  • “I know the perfect guy for you. He put together the website for our church.” How to select a website designer

  • The skinny on SSL Certificates and why you need one

  • Who Owns the Content in our website?

  • Patient photos on your site

  • Astroturfing – Fake Reviews, Real Consequences

  • Are generic HIPAA training models enough?

  • Focus on the Biggest Cyber Risks First – we'll give you the roadmap

  • BONUS! Templates for your mobile device policy, social media policy, business associate agreement, photo and video release, plus others!

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Michael J. Sacopulos, JD, is the CEO of Medical Risk Institute (MRI). Medical Risk Institute provides proactive counsel to the healthcare community to identify where liability risks originate, and to reduce or removed these risks. He was selected as the 2016 “Lawyer of the Year” in the practice area of Medical Malpractice Law for Indiana Award for MGMA. Michael has written for Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Bloomberg and many publications for the medical profession. He is a frequent national speaker. He attended Harvard College, London School of Economics and Indiana University/Purdue University School of Law.

Susan Gay is a medical publisher and content strategist with over 25-years experience in medical publishing leadership. She is also the co-author, along with Kevin Pho, MD, of Establishing, Managing, and Protecting Your Online Reputation: A Social Media Guide for Physicians and Medical Practices published by American Association for Physician Leadership.

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