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American Association for Physician Leadership
American Association for Physician Leadership

Taming Disruptive Behavior


Disruptive behavior can happen in any workplace, but when it hits healthcare organizations, it can have dramatic impacts on patient care. In this definitive book by two expert therapists who have studied all aspects of disruptive behavior, you will learn not only how to recognize it, but also how to manage chronic disruptive behavior instead of looking the other way.

Are you dealing with behaviors such as these?

  • Unwillingness to adhere to company or practice policies

  • Constant tardiness, disorganization, inability to maintain a schedule

  • Unprofessional appearance or demeanor; poor bedside manner

  • Unwillingness to help out in a pinch or assume responsibility

  • Offensive humor

  • Sexual misconduct at work – sexual inuendo and sexual harassment

  • Clinical “laziness” – not interested in keeping up on advances in the field; stubborn, inflexible

  • Argumentative (always right, never wrong)

  • Complaining to patients, staff, physicians outside the group about colleagues and internal matters

  • Critical, derogatory, foul, or crude language use

  • Inappropriate expressions of anger, resentment, extreme negativity, moodiness, or irritability

  • Threats of violence or legal action directed at staff, partners, patients

  • Unethical, illegal, or unscrupulous behavior; lack of a sense of morality

No matter the situation you are facing in your healthcare setting, Taming Disruptive Behavior will provide you with a framework that clearly describes the problem and the solution:

  • How to distinguish between “unconventional” and truly disruptive behavior

  • What to do if you are perceived as disruptive Telltale signs of sexual misconduct in the workplace

  • Special considerations in dealing with nurses and members of the care team

  • What to do if a physician executive or board member is the problem

  • The role of human resources, the legal department, patient safety, quality management, risk management, and medical staff

  • When to get outside support and where to find help

  • Appendix: Programs for Disruptive Professionals included

About Author(s)
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Words of Praise

Marty Martin, PsyD, MPH, is a highly sought-after presenter, strategic planning facilitator, and coach in the United States and abroad. His topics range from managing physician performance to elements of teamwork. Martin currently serves as director and professor of the health sector management MBA program at DePaul University in Chicago. In this role, he launched three innovative programs: a dual MBA/MS degree with Rush University, a healthcare concentration in the MS in predictive analytics, and an MS in health informatics.

Philip Hemphill, PhD, LCSW, is a thought leader in the behavioral health and addictive service industry. As a full-time professor of practice in the Tulane School of Social Work, he teaches and supervises the next generation of professional social workers. Currently, he is the chief clinical officer of BasePoint Health Management.

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