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Physicians and the Law: The Intersection of Medicine, Business, and Medical Malpractice


Healthcare providers encounter complex problems in medical, business, and legal venues on a daily basis, and in an ever-evolving landscape. However, an incomplete understanding of how these three arenas intersect can undermine ability and confidence in handling the resulting medical and business decisions.

Physicians and the Law employs succinctly stated concepts to create a toolkit for healthcare providers to confidently tackle the everyday intersection of medicine, business, and law. This book will help all who read it to develop an in-depth understanding of how these three key issues overlap and to gain the insights to feel empowered to make improved decisions.

How does this book give you an advantage?

By providing detailed approaches to medical problems, business transactions, and legal conundrums that you will encounter in your day-to-day work environment.

Here are just some of the topics Dr. Paterick discusses in detail:

  • The New Business Model of Medicine

  • The Fundamentals of Liability Insurance: Physician and Organization Perspectives

  • Changing Perspectives in Medical Practice: Disruptive Innovation

  • Risk Management Principles for Physicians

  • Physician Professionalism: Ethical and Moral Duties Young Physicians Encounter in the New Business Model of Medicine

  • Why Patients Sue Physicians: Risk Management Strategies

  • Malpractice Considerations: New Concerns on the Horizon

  • Medical Malpractice Stress Syndrome: A “Forme Fruste” of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

  • Liability of Physicians Supervising Non-physician Clinicians

  • Professional Liability Pertinent to Graduate Medical Education: The Intersection of Medical Education, Patient Care, and Liability

  • The Importance of the Medical Record: A Critical Professional Responsibility

  • Heightened Malpractice Risk for Hospitalist Physicians in the United States – What to Know and What to Do

  • Physician Alert: The Legal Risks Associated with “On-Call” Duties in the United States

  • Implications of Good Samaritan Laws for Physicians

  • The Sunshine Act – What Every Physician Needs to Know in this Novel and Evolving Transparency World

  • Medical Informed Consent: General Considerations for Physicians

  • Medical Liability in the Electronic Medical Records Era

  • Peer Review – Legal and Ethical Issues Faced by Medical Staff: The Mandate for Physician Leadership

  • The National Practitioner Data Bank: Requisite Medical-Legal Issues for Physicians

  • The World of Sports and Physician Liability

  • Physician Fiduciary: Understanding Trusteeship

About Author(s)
Table of Contents

Timothy E. Paterick, MD, JD, MBA, and Master’s in Physician Leadership and Management, is a practicing cardiologist with a passion for preventive health measures, sports medicine, and teaching residents and fellows medicine. While practicing full-time cardiology Dr. Paterick has written more than one hundred peer reviewed articles in the medical literature, has been an invited speaker across the country on medical and legal issues, and has authored three books: Invest in Yourself: A Cardiologist’s Narrative for Heart Health and Health through Hope: Look in People’s Eyes, and Physician: Time to Invest in Yourself.

Dr. Paterick is a lifelong scholar-athlete, having begun his academic career playing basketball on scholarship at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Subsequently, and after completing medical education at Rush Medical College and his medical training at the Mayo Clinic, he completed his law degree, his MBA and a master’s degree in Physician Leadership and Management. His continued study of medicine, law, business, and leadership/management has led to an understanding of how they intersect and impact practicing physicians.

Dr. Paterick’s dedication is to teaching medical residents, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and cardiology fellows and young basketball players. He has two accomplished adult sons and attributes any success he has experienced in life to his wife and life-long best friend, Barb.

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