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Inspiring Growth and Leadership in Medical Careers: Transform Healthcare as a Physician Leader


Physicians are the most trusted and dominant conduit for care and decision-making within the multidisciplinary sphere of healthcare. With increasing demands for quality care and patient satisfaction, the physician leader is well-positioned and deserves an equitable say in shaping the future of the healthcare industry.

This book supports Angood’s longtime assertion that all physicians are leaders. It is a collection of essays that detail personal experiences, observations of others, and lessons learned that paint a full picture of the roles that physicians play in society, the opportunities to maximize external expectations of leadership, and the strategies needed to fulfill personal career goals.

The first section, Beginnings, explores the culture and communities of practice, kindness, and gratitude as food for the soul, and the only constant in life, which is change. Angood also discusses adversity, resilience, and persistence, as well as physician burnout and happiness.

The second section, Knowledge of Healthcare Environment, tackles the current state of healthcare, redefining the value equation with physicians as leaders, metrics, measurement, and patient safety reporting.

The third section, Professionalism, delves into trust, professionalism, altruism, forbearance, patient-centered care, caring, and compassion.

The fourth section, Communication and Relationship Management, emphasizes self-fulfilling prophecies, clarion calls, uncertainty, ambiguity, diversity, inclusion, and the value of volunteering.

The fifth section, Business Skills and Knowledge, talks about demographics, shifting models, crisis management, and catastrophes, and strategies surrounding collaboration with team members.

The sixth section, Leadership, asserts that all physicians are leaders, and that appreciation, humanism, humility, and physician leadership are essential in crisis and recovery.

The seventh section, Growth to Move Forward, explores work and life integration versus balance, complementary tensions, polarity, partisanship, ongoing progress, grief, human wellness, and ecology.

The final section, Conclusion, highlights the current state of affairs in engaged physician leadership.

This is a must-read for all physicians who want to reach their fullest potential and become more engaged while inspiring engagement in others. Creating a broader level of positive change in self and society is within each physician's reach.

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Peter Angood, MD, is CEO and president of the American Association for Physician Leadership. Previously, Angood was the inaugural chief patient safety officer at The Joint Commission, patient safety adviser to the World Health Organization (WHO), senior adviser for patient safety at the National Quality Forum, and chief medical officer for the Patient Safety Organization of GE Healthcare. Prior to this, he enjoyed 25-years of academic trauma surgery practice ranging from McGill University in Canada to the University of Pennsylvania, Yale University, and Washington University in St. Louis. Angood completed his academic career as a full professor of surgery, anesthesia and emergency medicine. He remains actively involved with a variety of healthcare advisory groups, professional societies, has been president of the Society of Critical Care Medicine, and is a well-recognized author and international speaker with 250 publications. His previous book, All Physicians Are Leaders, has been critically well received. The AAPL podcast, Inspired Healthcare Leaders with Peter Angood, MD, will debut in 2024.

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