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Inspired Physician Leadership: Creating Influence and Impact, 2nd Edition


Physicians have plenty of good ideas, but many physician leaders fall short of expectations due to their inability to effectively understand and handle the complex interpersonal and political issues that lie at the heart of successful and thriving leadership. The transition from clinician to physician leader is huge, requiring a different set of assumptions, skills, and approaches.

Covering topics like The Nature of Leadership and The Dynamics of Dialogue, to The Transition from Doer to Leader, Inspired Physician Leadership: Creating Influence and Impact, 2nd Edition is based in research and presented with applicable clarity to address the critical interpersonal skills necessary to promote influence, motivation, and needed change. Within it, physicians will find both grounded theory and practical tools to aid them in taking up the mantle of leadership.

How does this book give you an advantage?

By design, this book emphasizes established peer-reviewed research and current best practices as its foundation. However, the presentation and style are both engaging and application oriented. Readers will acquire specific skills that can be used immediately. Further, the book is rich with examples – all drawn from actual situations with physician leaders addressing their leadership issues. Here are just some of the topics the authors discuss in detail:

  • The Need for Physician Leadership

  • The Nature of Leadership

  • The Transition from Doer to Leader

  • The Transition from Technical Skills to Interpersonal Skills

  • Intelligence and Action-Orientation

  • The Quest for Interpersonal Trust

  • Helping Build Confidence in Others

  • Leaders Are Builders of Significance

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Reciprocal Understanding

  • The Dynamics of Engaged Listening

  • Resolving or Managing Conflict

  • The Behaviors of Respectful Conflict Encounters

  • The Power of Pre-suasion

  • The Keys to Principled Negotiation

  • Building a Motivating Culture

  • Ongoing Communication

If you’re a physician, you seek ideas that are grounded in research and theory. However, with time being a scarce resource, you’ll benefit even more from practical applications that can be added to your toolbox. This book strives to accomplish both aims.

About Author(s)
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Charles (Chuck) R. Stoner, DBA, is professor emeritus at Bradley University and president of Stoner & Associates Consulting. Dr. Stoner earned his bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees from Florida State University. An award-winning scholar and teacher, he has authored thirteen books and numerous academic articles. A dynamic and engaging speaker and facilitator, Dr. Stoner works with a variety of businesses and organizations throughout the country, specializing in leadership, interpersonal dynamics, and change, as well as leader coaching for personal growth and reinvention.

Jason S. Stoner, PhD, is associate professor of management at Ohio University. Dr. Stoner earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Bradley University and his PhD from Florida State University. His research interests primarily focus on individual differences influencing reactions to workplace stressors. Dr. Stoner’s research has been published in Human Relations, Human Resource Management Review, Leadership Quarterly, Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, and Journal of Vocational Behavior.

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