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Fast Forward Thinking: 40 Rules for Entrepreneurs and Investors in Medical, Science, and Biotech


Are you an entrepreneur or investor in the biotech and science space? If so, Fast Forward Thinking is the book you need to stay ahead of the game. With 25 years of experience, Luis Pareras, MD, PhD, provides 40 rules in this guide to navigate the healthcare science-driven startup landscape, helping you forecast trends, identify the best projects, and manage companies at the “cutting-edge.”

Divided into four sections — Knowledge, Mindset, Choosing the Future, and Epilogue — this book offers practical insights and a tried-and-tested framework for making informed decisions and investments, giving you a sense of empowerment and self-confidence. Chapters include:

  • How Much is an Idea Worth?

  • 25 Pearls of Management Wisdom

  • You’ll Need a Different Type of Board of Directors

  • Sourcing Deal Flow

  • Use the Right Pitch Structure

  • Pre-money Valuation and Equity Story

  • On Negotiation Skills

Fast Forward Thinking offers a unique blend of science, venture capital, and the art of predicting future trends, making it a must-read for anyone interested in healthcare science-driven ventures.

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Luis Pareras, MD, PhD, stands at the forefront of innovation, embodying a rare combination of the clinical, academic, and entrepreneurial realms. With a transition from the operating room, where he impacted one patient at a time, to the fascinating world of venture capital, impacting millions, Pareras’s journey is one of curiosity.

Leading Invivo Ventures, he oversees several venture capital funds dedicated to groundbreaking advancements in life sciences and healthcare. Each investment, each decision reflects more than just business acumen — it encapsulates lessons from over 25 years in the science-driven ecosystem. Under his leadership, the fund has sculpted the future of numerous life sciences companies, reflecting Pareras’s passion for merging business strategies with transformative science.

Pareras also has been an instrumental figure on the boards of numerous biotech startups, bringing with him a wealth of experience in the governance of companies. Each of these companies stands at the leading-edge of their respective fields, driven by a shared mission to ultimately benefit patients. His deep understanding of corporate governance, coupled with his expertise in leading investment strategies and guiding transaction processes, has made him a valued venture capital investor in this challenging field.

Pareras has a background as a neurosurgeon with expertise in disruptive technologies such as gene therapy, cell therapy, synthetic biology, and artificial intelligence. He is also an esteemed academic with a Global Executive MBA from IESE and teaching positions at several business schools. His unique vantage point stems from his immersive experiences in science, allowing him to engage with brilliant minds that are shaping our future.

Beyond his business endeavors, Pareras is a celebrated author. His former works, including Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Healthcare, are testaments to his deep knowledge and commitment to the sector, as well as his ability to simplify complex concepts for readers of all backgrounds. This book, Fast Forward Thinking, is his tribute to the mesmerizing world of science and venture capital. Drawing from his firsthand experiences, it's a reflection of someone utterly captivated by the realms of science and venture capital. He hopes to inspire the spirit of curiosity and discovery in all, whether investors, entrepreneurs, scientists, or merely those driven by the thirst for knowledge.

As an active participant and advisor for myriad healthcare innovation organizations, Pareras not only bridges the gap between idea and execution but also emphasizes the importance of visual thinking in grasping our unpredictable future. Through his writings and his professional endeavors, he offers insights into harnessing the transformative power of curiosity in the world of deep tech.

Whether in the boardroom, the operating theater, or the classroom, Luis Pareras is a name synonymous with the cutting-edge of progress and a spirit that constantly seeks to understand, predict, and shape the future.

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