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Every Story Counts: Exploring Contemporary Practice Through Narrative Medicine


Discover the profound significance of storytelling and narrative in the medical field with, Every Story Counts: Exploring Contemporary Practice Through Narrative Medicine, by Arthur Lazarus, MD, MBA, CPE. A renowned physician and business professional, Lazarus delves into the challenges faced by doctors in an ever-evolving social, cultural, and political landscape.

The book is divided into six sections:

Section 1: Physician Issues

Section 2: Professional Development

Section 3: Education and Training

Section 4: Health Policy

Section 5: Patient Care

Section 6: Practice Management

Through this compelling work, medical professionals are empowered to navigate the complexities of modern practice by embracing self-reflection and adhering to a moral compass grounded in integrity, forgiveness, and compassion.

The book caters primarily to American physicians and physicians-in-training, offering them invaluable insights. Additionally, healthcare leaders, administrators, regulators, policymakers, allied health professionals, medical educators, historians, economists, and international readers interested in understanding the American healthcare system and its shortcomings will find this book informative.

Lazarus sheds light on prevalent issues such as career stagnation, burnout, moral injury, and unfulfilled professional potential. Drawing from personal experiences and encounters with various health systems, he provides a realistic evaluation of contemporary medical practice. Moreover, he highlights the significance of physician leaders and their impact on nonphysician colleagues, emphasizes the importance of physician advocacy, and condemns aggression and incivility in medicine.

The book explores physicians' experiences, contrasting their struggles with maladaptive behaviors that lead to depression, suicide, PTSD, imposter syndrome, and substance use disorders. It emphasizes the healing power of resilience, relaxation, introspection, mentorship, and the practice of narrative medicine writing. Additionally, it discusses nonclinical career alternatives and the transition from medicine to management, while also addressing emerging trends in governance and artificial intelligence.

For physicians, this book serves as a source of empowerment, self-actualization, self-awareness, and affirmation through shared experiences. It provides career insights spanning both practice and industry, offering moving and impactful stories that resonate from the bedside to the boardroom. Regardless of age or career stage, readers will find practical advice applicable to their training and practice.

About Author(s)
Table of Contents

Arthur L. Lazarus, MD, MBA, CPE, DFAAPL, DLFAPA, is a healthcare consultant, certified physician executive, and nationally recognized author, speaker, and champion of physician leadership and wellness. He has broad experience in clinical practice and the health insurance industry, having led programs at Cigna and Humana. At Humana, Lazarus was vice president and corporate medical director of behavioral health operations in Louisville, Kentucky, and subsequently a population health medical director for the state of Florida.

Lazarus has also held leadership positions in several pharmaceutical companies, including Pfizer and AstraZeneca, conducting clinical trials, and reviewing promotional material for medical accuracy and FDA compliance. He has published more than 250 articles in scientific and professional journals and has written four books, including Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome and Related Conditions, Controversies in Managed Mental Health Care, Career Pathways in Psychiatry, and MD/MBA: Physicians on the New Frontier of Medical Management.

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Lazarus attended Boston University, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology with Distinction. He received his medical degree with Honors from Temple University School of Medicine, followed by a psychiatric residency at Temple University Hospital, where he was chief resident. After residency, Lazarus joined the faculty of Temple University School of Medicine, where he currently serves as adjunct professor of Psychiatry. He also holds non-faculty appointments as Executive-in-Residence at Temple University Fox School of Business and Management, where he received his MBA degree, and Senior Fellow, Jefferson College of Population Health, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Well known for his leadership and medical management skills, Lazarus is a sought-after presenter, mentor, teacher, and writer. He has shared his expertise and perspective at numerous local, national, and international meetings and seminars.

Lazarus is a past president of the American Association of Psychiatric Administrators, a former member of the board of directors of the American Association for Physician Leadership (AAPL), and a current member of the AAPL editorial review board. In 2010, the American Psychiatric Association honored Lazarus with the Administrative Psychiatry Award for his effectiveness as an administrator of major mental health programs and expanding the body of knowledge of management science in mental health services delivery systems.

Lazarus is among a select group of physicians in the United States who have been inducted into both the Alpha Omega Alpha medical honor society and the Beta Gamma Sigma honor society of collegiate schools of business.

Lazarus lives with his wife near Charlotte, North Carolina. They have four adult children. He enjoys walking, biking, playing piano, and listening to music.

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