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Create Systems for Quality

This course walks through basic system design, testing, and validation, system scaling, system maintenance – all to help physicians create lasting, high-quality change in their work environments.


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3 CME Credits

CPE Elective

Deliver Effective Feedback

This course provides the tools and techniques physician leaders need to promote good behavior, discourage unproductive habits and connect meaningfully with their people.

CPE Elective

Develop Effective Teams

Form an efficient team using strategies learned from this course from the American Association for Physician Leadership. learn how to manage conflict, determine team member strengths, and communicate effectively. Once completed, this course counts for 5 CME credits.


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5 CME Credits

CPE Elective

Developing a Business Plan

Do you want to know how to make a business plan? Look no further than this online class from the American Association for Physician Leadership. Learn how to draft an enviable business plan for a project or program that organizations will invest in. This course will earn you ...



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5.5 CME Credits

CPE Elective

Embracing Change

This course provides practical strategies to encourage and support adaptability and resilience during times of change. Through real-world examples, you'll have an opportunity to explore potential concerns and solutions while improving your attitude toward change.


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3.5 CME Credits

CPE Elective

Engaging Physicians for Results

While active physician engagement is a common goal, few know how to achieve this ideal high-performing workforce. Learn how to set out a compelling vision to gain physician buy-in for change. Explore key elements that will build relationships with stakeholders to construct t...



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3.5 CME Credits

CPE Elective

Essentials of Health Law

Throughout this course, you’ll learn about topics such as medical error liability, managed care contracting, patient rights, equal opportunity in the workplace, and more.


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8 CME Credits

CPE CoreMaster's Core

Establish a Just Culture

Gain access to the simple, fundamental principles required to transform the culture of a team or department. With these principles, leaders can open lines of communication with team members, foster accountability in every employee, and empower peers and colleagues to achieve...



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4 CME Credits

CPE Elective

Establishing Your Social Media Presence

New In the brave new world of social media, what is the role of the physician and clinician leader? Do physicians really need to be on social media? How do they build their image? This course will explore the answers to the questions and teach physicians and other health care pr...



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5 CME Credits

CPE Elective

Finance - Budgeting and Forecasting

New This course aims to give participants a comprehensive understanding of the budgeting process and its significance in financial planning and management within the healthcare industry.


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4 CME Credits

CPE CoreMaster's Core

Financial Skills for Executive Decision Making

Understanding the language of financial concepts and their application is critical to the success of physician leaders. This course will demystify the language, tools and application of finance and help prepare you to apply them to the goals of your organization.


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14 CME Credits

CPE CoreMaster's Core

Foundations of Financial Accounting

This course offers insights on how to record business activities and interpret financial statements. Physician leaders who enroll can gain an understanding as to why financial accounting is so often political and controversial.


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5 CME Credits

CPE Elective

A Journey Through Population Health

This course aims to equip physician leaders with a comprehensive understanding of population health, its challenges, and strategies to advance its initiatives.

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The American Association for Physician Leadership (AAPL) changed its name from the American College of Physician Executives (ACPE) in 2014. We may have changed our name, but we are the same organization that has been serving physician leaders since 1975.


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