Fundamentals of Physician Leadership

Fundamentals of Physician Leadership

Your First Step to Influence, Inspire and Lead the People Around You

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Join more than 10,000 physicians who have learned how to negotiate higher salaries, build effective teams, simplify complex processes and more – at their own pace, on their own schedule. 

Our Fundamentals of Physician Leadership series is a set of CME-earning courses that can be taken online or at one of our live events. Expert faculty members will discuss actionable strategies and techniques that will help you develop a well-rounded leadership education.

View our Fundamentals of Physician Leadership course series here and enhance your leadership skills today!

Our courses in the Fundamentals of Leadership series touch on topics, like: negotiation, finance, communication, quality, and influence. Once you’ve completed this series, you’ll have the skills necessary to improve your team’s performance, streamline redundant processes, and strengthen your organization’s values.

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Strengthen your
communication skills with patients, colleagues, and staff.



Create effective systems and processes to streamline day-to-day work.



Discover how you can negotiate everything from your schedule to your salary.



Learn more about finance and discover your organization’s 
potential financial future.



Become an effective leader who others admire and want to follow.

When you complete this program, you will come away with the tools you need to:

  • Create organizationalchange
  • Improve your team's performance
  • Uncover your organization's values
  • Identify your communication style
  • De-escalate conflict in the workplace
  • Turn disagreement into progress and insight
  • Effectively negotiate in any situation
  • Create win/win situations for all parties
  • Strengthen and streamline your processes
  • Better train teams and improve their performance
  • Cultivate a growth-based mindset within your organization
  • Accurately measure the financial health of your institution


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