Inspiring Change through Bold Leadership: Celebrating 50 Years and Beyond

April 25-27, 2025

Boston Park Plaza | Boston, MA

Career & Professional Development Workshop

Depending on the phase of your leadership career, professional development becomes your own personal competitive advantage. Physicians have different needs for career development depending on the current level of their career path.

Early in their career they may seek opportunities to advance, at mid-career they may look to manage and influence others, and as they have advanced to senior roles they may look to influence and create systemic change by leading organizations.

This highly interactive and experiential session will allow attendees to choose a path that matches their current level of need in their career development.

The paths include, career advancement, professional development, and advanced leader academy. Each path is designed as a workshop experience in which they will leave with take aways they can implement immediately.

The goal of this day is to provide attendees at varying career levels actionable strategies they can employ to advance in their career.

Objectives and outcomes of this session by level include

  • Advance yourself (Early Career/Novice)- Support physicians in clearly articulating their skills set/value proposition through tools available to them (Resume, Interviews, Social).
  • Impact others (Mid-Career/Intermediate)- Raise the visibility of their work and unique skill set and influence others.
  • Impact and influence your organization at a systemic level (Senior Career level/Advanced)-Create a plan to impact and influence systemic change.

Lightning Sessions

To view full descriptions for the 2024 Lightning Sessions, go to the schedule and select the Lightning Session format as a filter.
  • Time To Look at the Big Picture! Newbie → Expert
  • What Can A Coach Do For You?
  • Incorporating Humor Into Your Leadership Style
  • The Power of Allyship: How To Be an Ally Without Going Awry
  • Social Media for Impact
  • Supercharge Your Career Growth with Personal Branding
  • The Art of Storytelling: A Critical Leadership Skill To Influence Others
  • Mind the Gap: Optimizing Leadership Development for the Mid-Career Physician
  • A Fellowship With the Provost – Lessons Learned From Academia
  • Overcoming Midcareer Malaise – Helping Yourself and Others Rediscover Career Fulfillment

How it Works

Throughout the morning session, you will have the opportunity to hear experts share insights and action steps on key topics related to your career development.
The room will be set up with “lightning sessions” around the perimeter of the room and career coaches, mentors, resume reviewers and mock interviewers in the center of the room.

Customize your experience by rotating to lightning session stations based on topics you want to hear about.

Each station will repeat their session multiple times throughout the morning to assure you won’t miss anything.

Want to work on some of the tips and tools you gained? Move to the middle of the room for working tables with mentors and coaches floating to help guide you. Tip: pre-book an appointment in the mobile app to secure your spot!

Want a more one on one experience
? Schedule some time with a coach or mentor or resume writer.

Career Advising Sessions

We will have several volunteer career advisors available during the workshop to offer career-related advice. Attendees can book an appointment lasting 20 minutes with one of our advisors in the mobile app beginning in early January. Types of advisors available:
  • Coach: Meet with a coach to explore career options, addressing performance barriers, etc.
  • Mentor: Connect one-on-one with a physician mentor to get advice on your professional development and personal growth
  • Resume Reviewer: will look over your entire resume with the same attention to detail and scrutiny a potential employer would utilize.
  • Mock Interviewer: will create a conversational exercise resembling a real interview as closely as possible, for the purpose of providing experience for the candidate.

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