The American College of Physician Executives introduces the American Association for Physician Leadership, a physician-oriented initiative that develops and supports physicians to confidently lead people and organizations, resulting in effective health care solutions that benefit the general public. It does this through life-long education, professional development, community and influence.

American Association for Physician Leadership

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Health care is a rapidly changing industry and the various work environments for physicians are in tremendous flux. For many, this degree of change represents a period of wonderful opportunity. For others, the net result creates a sense of uncertainty and lack of clarity for their career trajectory. Either way, the industry and its entire diversity of organization types are actively seeking competitive edges through physician leadership.

If you’re a physician considering a move into any type of leadership position (clinical, non-clinical, or even a non-traditional role) then you’ve come to the right place. Medical students or residents interested in medical management will find an abundance of information here, as well.

This site provides introductory information on physician leadership; while the various links can provide you deeper levels of insight on the benefits and opportunities for physician leaders. You will find a host of articles, videos, and other resources that will help you better understand the many skills and competencies needed to become a successful leader.

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This site will also introduce and welcome you to the American College of Physician Executives (ACPE), the premier organization for physician leaders. Over nearly 40 years ACPE has been teaching physicians the art of leadership and the business side of medicine. All physicians are — at some level — considered to be leaders and our society continues to expect physicians to be leaders within our communities. In reviewing the ACPE information, you will be able to recognize that there is opportunity for physician leadership regardless of what stage you’ve reached in your career. And ACPE can help you make decisions on how to make a move to your next career stage. ACPE has helped tens of thousands of physicians from all clinical disciplines achieve their leadership goals.

Thank you for finding this site and for exploring its resources. Good luck in your quest for an improved career path.

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An introduction from ACPE CEO Peter Angood and a guide to getting started as a physician leader.




Get Introduced

An introduction from ACPE CEO Peter Angood and a guide to getting started as a physician leader.




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