Partner Webinar Series:

Physician Compensation

April – June, 2019


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Maxworth Consulting Group

MaxWorth Consulting Group


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Join us for the first of three webinars presented by the American Association for Physician Leadership and Maxworth Consulting Group. Sign up for one webinar and you'll receive access to all three webinars when they're released.

We will be discussing compensation strategies to attract, retain, and motivate physicians in this series of webinars:

  • The Five Principles of Effective Call Pay Programs - April 1, 2019
  • Winning the Race for Physician Talent: Strategies to Recruit, Retain, and Reward - May 1, 2019
  • Practice Transition Strategies: Tax-Efficient Tactics to Establish a Better Path to Succession - June 1, 2019
Webinar #1:

The Five Principles of Effective Call Pay Programs

During an on-call coverage crisis at Winchester Medical Center in 2006, an unexpected solution emerged. The hospital was on the brink of losing a call panel when MaxWorth was brought on board to lead a collaboration between the hospital’s administration and physician leaders. The result of this collaboration would become known as the Call Pay Solution®.

Since 2006, we’ve implemented our process at hospitals across the country. While we tailor our program to fit the unique needs of each organization, the foundational principles remain the same. In this webinar, you will learn about MaxWorth’s Five Principles of Call Pay and why they have been so important in our journey.


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