Start Defeating Burnout

Long hours and job duties that are emotionally and physically taxing have contributed to an epidemic of physician burnout. Whether you're an exhausted med student or a physician who's been practicing for decades, you can always take the first step to find your bliss.

One of the biggest hurdles involved in beating burnout is yourself. While seeking help is an integral aspect of combating burnout, you are ultimately the only one who can craft a vision and work towards the future you want. Continuing to work for a dream that isn’t yours will just lead you down the path of doctor burnout again.

You have to make that change in your life and take the risk to do it – that’s what the journey is all about. If you have enough guts to be a doctor, then you have enough guts to change.

Don Kennedy, DO, MBA, PhD, CPE, FAAFP

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In our latest online course, From Burnout to Bliss, Dr. Don Kennedy uses his own experiences with physician burnout and his love of surfing to guide you through a metaphorical journey where you start at the “beach of same” and eventually find the bliss of your “perfect wave.”

1. Seek Mentors

Some physicians bottle up their emotions in order to not burden others, but friends, coworkers, and family are often willing to help if you speak up. Be open with the people who care about you and you’ll likely receive valuable advice or assistance.

2. Analyze Your Routines

Do your daily routines bring you joy or are they something you trudge through because someone else wants you to do them? Start analyzing your routines and focus on the things you do that are just for yourself.

3. Set Goals & Sub-Goals

Having a goal is great, but if you only have one large goal that you're focused on you'll feel like you're drowning. Keep sight of this larger goal, but establish smaller goals that will help you feel accomplished and re-energized.

4. Find Your Perfect Wave (Vision of Yourself)

If you're performing tasks and don't know why you're doing them, then you're working for someone else's dream and vision, not yours. When you're working towards someone else's dream, physician burnout is inevitable. Find your vision, your "perfect wave," and work towards that - it's okay to not know precisely what it is, but start imagining what it could look like.

5. Embrace Change & Pivot

Once you have a vision you're passionate about, it's time to take action and make a change. Even if you've been paddling towards the wrong island, it's okay to turn your board around and follow your new goal. It's scary to change, but it's necessary in order to combat burnout and find bliss in your work and life.

Excerpts from our self-study online course From Burnout to Bliss: A Physician’s Wellness Journey, the first of 3 wellness courses in a series

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