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7 Tips for Building Relationship Management Skills in Teams

Emotional intelligence is one of the most important and undervalued skills necessary to become a physician leader. Whether you want to maintain better relationships with those above you or wish to manage your teams more effectively, enhancing your emotional intelligence may be the missing piece you need for favorable outcomes.

In Interdisciplinary Relationship Management, you’ll explore how to hone your emotional intelligence, improve communication skills, better manage conflict, and repair damaged workplace relationships.

Below, you’ll find just a few tips in this course on how a leader in a management position can build rapport and encourage the formation of good working relationships within a team:


1. Build a Culture of Listening

Giving someone your full attention, minimizing distractions, and reflecting thoughtfully can reassure others of your sincerity.


2. Learn to Recognize Emotion in Others

Being able to recognize and address emotions, both in yourself and in others, allows us to experience empathy and thus connect more fully with others.


3. Set Clear Expectations

Identifying and clarifying roles and responsibilities early is important in terms of the behavior and culture of an interdisciplinary team.


4. Ask Questions

Using questioning as a communication or coaching style allows others to be more solutions-focused. Questions can also encourage a culture of exploration.


5. Develop Shared Values

When working as part of a group or team, developing a set of agreed upon values provides a common bond among team members. 


6. Be a Leader

Providing clarity, acting objectively, and understanding your own leadership style will help to create a positive work environment.


7. Use Praise

The ability to provide authentic feedback is a key component of good leadership.

Excerpts from our self-study online course Interdisciplinary Relationship Management

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