Physician Leadership Summit: An Expanded Event and a New Name

By Andy Smith | AAPL
April 17, 2018

Formerly known as the Spring Institute and Annual Meeting, the combined gathering includes career-enhancing education and a 20th anniversary celebration of the CPE.

When members of the American Association for Physician Leadership converge in April for the 2018 Physician Leadership Summit, the gathering will be about more than expert speakers and panels discussing hot industry issues, intriguing peer-led workshops, career-enhancing education and networking opportunities for accomplished and aspiring physician leaders.

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What: 2018 Physician Leadership Summit. Includes Spring Institute, Thought Leadership Symposium, celebration of CPE 20th anniversary, and more.

When: April 26-30

Where: Sheraton Boston Hotel. Call 888-627-7054 for hotel reservations.

Information: 1-800-562-8088 or

The event, scheduled for April 26-30 in Boston, Massachusetts, will mark a significant industry milestone — the 20th anniversary of the Certified Physician Executive credential, which the association offers through the Certifying Commission in Medical Management, a not-for-profit corporation it chartered to establish and maintain the highest standards for certification of physician leaders.

CPE certification has helped nearly 3,000 physicians hone their leadership skills and find career roles where they use their abilities to inspire change within their organizations and in the health care industry as a whole.

Formerly known as the Spring Institute and Annual Meeting, the Physician Leadership Summit combines those elements into a five-day gathering with multiple components. It includes the Spring Institute leadership education sessions; a new Thought Leadership Symposium with keynote speakers, panel discussions and networking opportunities; and a convocation to recognize the seasoned CPE leaders.

CPE celebrations will be a highlight of the Summit. The association welcomes CPEs, distinguished physicians and others interested in or currently on the credential path to register to attend the festivities at the Sheraton Boston Hotel. It will culminate with the newest set of physicians completing the CPE capstone, the final step in the credentialing process.

Peter Angood, MD, the association’s president and CEO, says the event is an opportunity to celebrate success and inspire all physician leaders to embrace the challenges they face.

“Increasingly, CPE is becoming better recognized as the must-have credential by all organizations and physicians who aspire to true excellence in health care,” Angood says. “For those who have been through certification, their skills, their work and their successes have distinguished them as among the best in the industry.”

Other Summit highlights:

“Wellness & Resilience” workshop. Chip Souba, MD, MBA, ScD, addresses organizational burnout, and Dan Friedland, MD, an expert in transforming burnout into resilience, addresses the personal side. Both were among the leaders of the well-received “Beyond Burnout & Resilience” workshop at the association’s 2017 Fall Institute in Arizona.

AAPL panel discussion. Features Angood and AAPL Chief Learning Officer Richard Sites.

Peer presentations. There will be 16 in all — four held concurrently during each of four scheduled breakout sessions, led by more than 20 association members — on subjects such as relationship management, patient quality, communication, careers and more.

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