In Memoriam of Roger S. Schenke

Roger Stephen Schenke v1

To our current AAPL community, as well as our legacy ACPE constituency, it is with sadness we announce the passing of Roger S. Schenke on October 19, 2020. Roger was a true pioneer, innovator and entrepreneur. Forty-five years ago, having started the American Academy of Medical Directors, which later became the American College of Physician Executives, Roger was able to expertly develop a professional association that has truly created significant large-scale impact in healthcare – not only in the United States but internationally as well. The importance of providing the leadership education, management training and a new set of professional skills for physicians was visionary and clearly ahead of its time. Today, recognition for how expert physician leadership benefits the industry is widely-acknowledged, and is now actively pursued by innumerable health care organizations. And, AAPL continues to be conceded as the gold-standard globally for its expertise in these areas.

Separate from impacting healthcare as an association leader, Roger also influenced the lives of so many individual human beings who revered him for his numerous talents and sincere commitment to the industry – physicians, staff, faculty, and ultimately patients. There are nearly 250,000 physicians in the AAPL database and membership continues to have physicians in over 40 countries. There are numerous others who have been indirectly influenced over the years as a result of ACPE/AAPL’s various initiatives.

Please take a moment to reflect on this outstanding set of contributions, and to give a private thank you to Roger as you recognize what has been accomplished by a single person during the course of his life. The AAPL leadership, Board of Directors, and staff all wish Roger’s family the best as they receive well-deserved condolences from the rest of us who can only thank Roger for all that he achieved – a remarkable legacy.

If you are inclined, please post your reflections and comments on the family’s memorial site.


Peter B. Angood,

Association President & Chief Executive Officer


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