Heard Around the AAPL Community: March 2022

By AAPL Editorial Team
March 1, 2022

Physician Leadership Connect is an online community for physician leaders to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and support one another. The community’s early success has demonstrated the importance of our community coming together in these challenging times.


Here’s what your colleagues are talking about:

The Future of Healthcare

There are so many things that we as physician leaders can think through moving forward. Agree with the many comments on telehealth that we are using in many different ways. Also, as a physician executive I’ve become much more involved in supply chain, and don’t see that as changing. From a process standpoint we have been able to get things done much more quickly than before, which begs the question as to how inefficient we have been in the past. Probably the best thing that I have seen (in my system at least) is the collaboration between the medical staff and the operators, and a softening of the “us versus them” into we are a team mindset. This cultural piece is one that we need to continue to focus on.

Time Log

Does anyone have a good app to log physician executive/leader time. For example, i have to turn in a time card every month to get paid for leadership time. Must contain info: date, activity, attendees, time. Looking for easier real time means of documenting rather than writing it down or having to remember at end of each month. (Replies to this comment yielded a number of product suggestions/process suggestions for the readers.)


Six Paradoxical Expectations of Leaders - which are you and who do you want to recruit?

Leadership is the art of taking one small step away from the status quo. Marcelo does a nice job of identifying the polarities that a leader must balance. Radical change never succeeds in the long run. It is a matter of finding the increments that a group can live with that eventually make a difference. I think that #3 summarizes the task of a leader best. Just playing politics without a direction in mind is not leadership, it is management.


Early Career Physician Looking for Guidance

Hello everyone. I am an early-career physician starting my fifth year of practice in Anesthesiology at a large academic medical center. I am interested in progressing into senior leadership roles in the future. What early career actions were most beneficial to entering the executive ranks at your hospital or healthcare system? What early career actions detracted from your ability to be successful?


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