Leave Your Student Loans Behind

Exclusive benefit for members of the association: you can choose to refinance all or some of your federal and private loans from a four-year undergraduate and/or graduate school program. Through our relationship with Laurel Road, they will pay off your current student loan and issue you a new loan at a lower interest rate.

Why should you refinance?

  • Lower your interest rate and save money
  • Pay off student loans faster
  • Lower monthly payments
  • Change from a fixed rate to a variable rate, or vice versa
  • Reduce the number of loans in repayment
Exclusive benefits for association members
  • Association members will receive an extra 0.25% rate discount over the life of their loan
  • Residents and fellows pay just $100 per month during training

About Laurel Road
Laurel Road Bank is a national leader in student lending. FDIC-insured and established in 2006, Laurel Road has helped thousands of professionals with graduate and undergraduate degrees across the country refinance federal and private school loans, saving them thousands of dollars each.

About our relationship with Laurel Road

The American Association for Physician Leadership receives no direct benefit from our relationship with Laurel Road. In fact, we deliberately passing along the financial benefit of this relationship to our members in the form of lower cost, more affordable student loans.

Is this for you or a colleague?

Who is eligible to refinance their student loans?

Laurel Road refinances student loans for working professionals with four-year undergraduate and/or graduate degrees from accredited schools. Borrowers must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Loan eligibility depends on lending criteria such as your credit score, monthly income, and monthly debt payments.

Already paid off your student loans?

Share with residents and fellows of your organization, hospital, or healthcare system. This program can be of benefit to many colleagues who are still struggling with student loan debt.

Imagine sharing the benefits of this program with an eligible physician you know, and provide them with the means to get some relief for the cost of an association membership.

Not a member of the association?

Only association members can take part in this program. If you are not yet a member, simply become a member today, then connect with a customer service representative from Laurel Road.

Ready to explore your refinancing options?

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