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Physician Learning.

The American Association for Physician Leadership® employs three primary strategies — Lifelong Physician Learning, Continuous Professional Development, and Thought Leadership Resources — to maximize the potential of physician leadership. By developing the attitudes, knowledge, skills, and experiences of physicians, our association creates the best opportunity for health care transformation.

Education Programming

Distance Education

The core of our education offering is our online distance education program with 80+ CME-accredited courses available that covers a wide variety of leadership competencies and materials. This format allows your time-sensitive schedule to dictate the when and where of your next educational experience. Every course is divided into lessons, and each lesson contains modular learning elements, such as video snippets, downloadable files and even interactive moments that allow you to practice and refine new skills.

Facilitated Online Courses

Similarly, our Facilitated Course offerings are 100% online, although these courses include instructor-imposed deadlines to keep learners focused and engaged. Interaction with your peers and faculty presenters is a built-in aspect of the curriculum.

Live Education and Events

We host several live education events all over the country each year, allowing new and experienced physician leaders to network with their peers and participate in live, instructor-led education.


We host one of the largest physician peer-to-peer networks in the industry. This community allows for collaboration and communication with experienced physician leaders and is growing through our proprietary leadership dashboard – a hybrid of one’s profile, education history and online community of content. 

Thought Leadership Resources

Leadership is about staying abreast of industry changes and deciding what kind of action to take. Association members can take part in webinars that feature engaging leaders from different sectors in health care discussing the ways in which they have overcome challenges and continued to inspire us with their engaging materials.

We have augmented our leadership library with a subscription-friendly news site, complete with organic and curated content that drives the discourse in physician leadership. Members of the association also receive a complimentary, bi-monthly copy of the Physician Leadership Journal, an award-winning peer-reviewed journal that is the premier source of insight and information on the business of leadership in medicine.

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